Hey guys. Thought I make a new story. Enjoy.

Hi. I'm Jordan Parker. This story is pretty much about my life. I have two sisters and I live with my mom. My first sister, (Pain in the butt) is my twin. We both have short dark hair and both a little chubby. Her name is Penelope Parker but she goes by Penny. She get's straight A's and she's really preppy (which I hate about her). She is the most popular girl in school too. She likes to boss me around because, she's four minutes older than me. I don't really care about that though. Mom loves her. More than me and My other sister. But before I get to her, let me talk a little about me. I am not preppy at all. I am a hardcore tomboy and I love that. I hate girly things and if I ever wear them, they would be Penny's clothes. I wear like rocker chic girly clothes and that's the closest I will get to girly clothes. I don't get the best grades and I get in trouble a lot at school. The only class I'm good in is Music. Music is my passion and my life basically. I love to sing and I always get A's in that class. Mom doesn't really care though. She said that you will never be a singer because its to hard and that you should try at the other subjects. I might but knowing me, that a no. Last but not least is my younger sister Katherine Parker. She goes by Katie though. Katie is a mix of both me and Penny. She can sometimes be really girly, or be a tomboy like me. She is awesome. Even though she a year younger, I love her so much. Out of the three of us, Mom love's Penny more and Katie and I can tell. Mom owns this restaurant called America's Pizza. She sell's pizza and pasta and salad's only. Katie, Penny and I all work there. But now Penny, Katie and I are going to school. Penny and I are starting high school, while Katie is in her last year of middle school. I got up and got dressed in my guns and roses t-shirt with my jeans and converse sneakers. I also had my mustache necklace. I then went to the bathroom and brushed my hair, which was straight this week and waited in the living room for my Sisters and my Mom to finish. First came out Katie. She was wearing a white shirt with a brown frilly vest and black jeans with black studded flats.

"Nice outfit Katie". I said and she smiled.

"Thanks Jordan. I thought the Black jeans were tomboyish and the shirt was girly enough and with the flats too. Do you really think I look ok"? She asked nervously and I smiled and laughed.

"Yeah, you look really good. Now if only miss priss would hurry up so we could get to school". I said and Katie laughed.

"Coming"! I heard Penny said and she walked out with a light blue flower pattern dress with white heels, blue flower earrings, and a jeweled nicklace. See what I mean? Girly. (All outfits on profile).

"Is all that really necessary"? I asked annoyed, and she nodded.

"Oh yes, I have to look my best. You um.. look good.. oh who am I kidding you lok horrible". Penny said laughing and I rolled my eyes.

"Well we have to go so come on". I said impatient and we all headed out the door.

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