This scene is just to set up the rest of the story and to foreshadow future events. The rest of the story is more cheerful than this, however this is a gothic comedy, so there is some darkness. The rest of the story is just less dark than this. Thank you.

A tall man stands on the top of a tower with his arms crossed over his chest. A black scarf covers everything below his black eyes, a black robe clings to his gray skin, and black bandages wrap around his hands and feet.

He tilts his head back and laughs as the city below him crumbles to the ground.

A lone warrior watches from a hill outside of the city's walls. He grits his teeth.

"Damn. I didn't make it." The warrior turns around and rides away from the destroyed city.

The haunting laugh echoes across the lake and through the mountain range that surrounds the city.