Going Down Into

Hollow, all in my feelings

I fear the indifference growing within me.

The cold shell of my soul enclosing

the dark flame of my passion,

an icy volatile fire,

burning cold.

Infinite in all it's aspects,

the insanity of

not knowing . . .

Lost in the Nothingness that fills me

like a black creeping mist.

Lost in the Styxian waters,

Charon's lantern doused.

Not wanting to save myself

from drowning in my dreams.

Lost in those waking moments

between sleep and consciousness

Those dreams that haunt my soul.

Slipping through the cracks,

slipping from my grasp,

Images of Elysian Fields.

of lakes of silver,

of shrouded landscapes.

Forgotten, as if

I drank a cup of Lethe's stream.