(or desperation & infatuation)

I gaze upon him from afar.

Does he see me seeing him?

Yes he does, what can I do?

I smile slowly, I don't know.

Why can't I ask him?

I'm filled with dreadful longing woe.

My love life is quite untrue.

I told him, I don't know why

It was sort of strange, why did he smile?

Yes, I was sad, What can I do?

I sigh and cry and wish to die.

Is it right, can I wait awhile?

My love for life is quite untrue.

My melancholic chasm, it is great.

Does he know my quiet plight?

He has another, what can I do?

She is beautiful, nice, and kind.

How bland, but is she right?

I feel the time passing by.

Why can't he see, is he blind?

My love life is quite untrue.