Kauri Cove

Head Madge: Master Clover - 15,000 year old (Looks 15 years old) red haired girl with black eyes. The first and only girl master in history.

Second in command: Arrow - black haired 30 year old man.

Healer: Honey - young 13 year old girl with golden hair and blue eyes.


Knife - man with long brown hair, brother to Arrow.

Sharp - black haired man, father to Bow and Hazel.

Red - blue haired woman.

Brother - golden haired boy, brother to Rainbow and son of Arrow and Red.

Rainbow - girl with multicolored hair and lively eyes, sister to Brother and daughter of Arrow and Red.

Vine - black haired girl. Very strong and powerful.

Hazel - brown haired girl with freckles. Sister to Bow and daughter of Cherry and Sharp.

Weapon masters

K.J - golden haired man, seller of arrows, knives, spears and bows.

Sky - blue haired woman, seller of guns, hatchets and blades.

In Training

Blue - blue haired boy, training to be a witch.

Rose - young red haired girl, training to be a witch.

Ivy - young brown haired girl, training to be a witch.

Quince - green haired boy, training to be a warrior.


Cherry - red haired witch, pregnant with Sharps children.

Leaves - green haired woman, mother of Day and Light.


Day - golden haired girl.

Light - golden haired girl.