A Walk in the Garden of Life

A Poem Commemorating My 9th Grade Class

A garden of sorts are we,

Diverse flowers and plants:

Dominating the middle

is a single rosebush.

Pretty, but it has thorns.

Slinking in the shadows,

a creeper vine.

Plotting the Chaos of overgrowth.

Hanging on to a border,

is a profusion of snapdragons.

Tall and thin, vibrant with color.

In long furrows there

are golden stems of barley.

Ripe and waving in the wind.

A blue-purple forget-me-not

quietly bursts forth.

Surprising itself.

Completing this unruly plot

are carrots and potatoes in a row.

Ironically, logical and sensible vegetables.

Summer has arrived,

The Gardeners who tend this small patch

are left behind,

As the plants begin to bloom and

start new beginnings.