She slipped her dark shades over her eyes just in time to protect herself from the blinding light of the sun making its way through the orange colored sky surrounding her. Her stone-hard gaze didn't need to shift or adjust as she stepped outside, one hand now becoming free as the door slammed shut behind her. She made no attempt to soften the sound of that, nor of the loud creaking of the panels beneath her heels as she made her way across the patio. This way, anyone who cared would know what time it is. As she walked her other hand swung slightly besides her, gripping fiercely to the smooth neck of the glass bottle that had easily become her closest companion; the liquid inside being swirled around with every step. When she sat, she rested the bottle on one knee to steady it, the cold condensation dripping down onto her skin in a way that was almost comforting; for it had become so familiar. She checked her watch one last time before popping the top and sliding her thin hands down the still nearly freezing sides of the bottle before finding her grip. She lifted that glass beauty up to her swollen lips and nearly inhaled her first bit of its contents. Sweet at first, but as soon as that chug reached her chest enough to lift her breasts it brought a strong stinging sensation throughout her body. She tightened up but ignored it out of habit. She had become more than used to that feeling – hell, she nearly enjoyed it by now. Clearing any wandering thoughts out of her head she again brought her lips to her bottle and let everything sink in slowly: drop after drop chasing her tongue and down her throat before spilling their secrets throughout every chamber of her body. This was her escape. The one time of day when she could put up a wall behind her and shove behind it all memory of her nine to five job, the piles of crap that needed tending to, the unsteady toddler calling for her, the other side of the bed which always seemed to be made up and empty, and the anonymous voices that never settled down. For at this time every day she knew of someone out there, wherever she may be with a different glass beauty pressed against her perfect lips with one hand; the other radiating with a heat she had grown to crave in the least sadistic of ways. Right about then she was probably inhaling another gust of its contents, sucking and breathing in to her desire and even then deeper, filling her lungs. Her whole body would loosen as the burning sensation she loved gathered inside her, much to her enjoyment. And then she would exhale, releasing the smoke from the gap once again forming between her unharmed lips. By now the bottle was nearly empty, only one more small sip collected at the bottom waiting to be finished. She sat and stared at it, the first time her eyes had left the sunset beyond her since she ventured outside. With one final deep breath she took it in and pondered the thought that maybe the soul mate she once knew, taking her final hit somewhere unknown, ever thought of her too. She tucked the bottle under her arm as she got up, this time quietly walking inside and welcoming everything being thrown at her from the time she spent away. Her smile grew as she touched her shades, a simple reminder that they were still there and that at this moment her life was still good.