You are me, and I am you.

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Where have you come from?
You have emerged from the darkness

I didn't hear you...
I didn't feel your cold energy.

Feathers fell
around my feet...
Solid black...

They fell onto
the snow covered ground.
Why is the snow red?
It's bloodied,

Why are you here?
You have the same scar as I...
We... were both scarred,
perhaps by the same thing.

You and I...
Are you me?
Or am I you?
Do we have the same hearts.

You stand,
tall, dark, and unforgiving.

You are like me.
My soul
and yours are tied together.

We are of
the same mind.

You... your darkness reminds me of myself.

You have a red eyed beast on your shoulder.
Feeling, probing, with it's eyes.
Black wings slice the
That monster is a raven

Your cloak, the ends takes
the form of molting feathers.
Who are you?

Why are you so familiar?
Yet so alien?
I am calm, yet my
heart wishes to stop forever.
How long have you been in my life

Hidden in the dark shadows of my being for

You are me.
I am you.
We do not have a good
reason to be one.

But you are me.
And I am you.
We must live as one soul.
And die as one corpse.