This is my fiftieth publication on FictionPress, and I wanted to do something special for it. Somehow, it has turned out that I'm almost exactly back where I was when I started this account (almost). My current situation is so similar, in fact, to the place where I began to write poetry, that I have revisited my first poem, "Invisible Love." Here I offer its counterpoint, if you will. A year ago, I was in love with someone who didn't love me. Now I'm in a similar place. And yet, I feel different this time. Before, I was begging God to let it work out (in the end, it did, because it wouldn't have). Now, I feel as though this is what God wants of me. The more I pray, the surer I feel that my heart is in the right place.

Visible Love

I try to show you how I feel
At your feet, I kneel
The signs are unmistakable
Yet, to you, I am invisible

Since we met, you've haunted me
I've tried to make you see
I've welcomed you into my sphere
Yet, to you, I disappear

When I'm with you, my song takes flight
Your soul shines like a light
Your beauty is unmatchable
Yet, to you, I am invisible

I see you smile, but not for me
'Tis him alone you see
This sorrow I can hardly bear
Yet, to you, I am not there

I pray to God to clear my eyes
And then I realize
He points me to you constantly
Look in my eyes, and see