A long time ago, a man's ship was destroyed in a storm and then the man was thrown to an island in the middle of nowhere. He stayed on that island for five years waiting for someone to come looking for him. But no one came. Soon after he began to lose hope that he would ever be able to get off the island and thought that the island would someday become his grave. All alone, not even with a single companion.

Then one day he was wandering the beach looking for things that may have floated in from the mainland when he saw a body lying face down on the shore. He rushed over to the body and then flipped it over to its back only to reveal a woman with blood red hair, and she was still breathing. When the woman opened her eyes he saw a pair of silver eyes that glowed like the moon. This woman was my great, great grandmother.

They eventually fell in love and she told him many things that had happened to the mainland. He enjoyed listening to her story and no longer felt lonely. A few years after they met they got married and then began work on what would be some day the town I live in now. As more people came to shore the more houses they had to make and the bigger the town became. Everyone was happy there. That is until the incident happened.

One day my great, great grandfather and a few other men were out hunting for food when they came across a cave they had never seen before. The cave was covered with strange markings that they had never seen before. Out of curiosity they all decided to take a break from their hunt to explore the cave. Oh how I wish they didn't do that.

When they entered the cave it was pitch black and they could barely see themselves let alone in front of them. One of the men had a bright idea to light a torch. When the torch was lit the cave was covered in a dim glow to reveal a giant chamber. They decided to go on further into the cave so they began to walk once again. They came to another cavern, but this one was two times bigger than the one before, and there were multiple tunnels that led away from there.

They decided to walk deeper into the giant chamber but suddenly stopped when one of the men thought he saw something move. My great, great grandfather turned to the direction of the movement and saw a shadow. He walked closer to it and what he saw left him speechless. There was a woman lying down on a long oval platform made of stone. From what he could make out she had long midnight hair that went past her waist and pale, alabaster skin. Her arms made an X on her chest and her eyes were shut, like death had already gotten to her.

My Grandfather got closer to the woman and put his fingers on her neck trying to feel for a pulse. He could barely feel one; it was like she was hibernating. Then a chill ran up his spine and he got the urge to get out of there as fast as he could. He began to walk away from the woman when out of nowhere he heard a loud noise, then he felt someone grab hold of his wrist. He looked behind him to see the woman's eyes wide open, red and full of blood lust. She stared at him in a way that sent a chill up his spine.

"Blood… I smell blood." The woman said hungrily. He stared at her with eyes wide with fear. He yanked his wrist free from her and then he heard a scream. He turned around to see one of his men twitching in pain as a man with pale skin and raven hair was attached to his neck. He looked closely and could see a pair of fangs similar to a wolf, or a bat's fang seeping into his skin. Soon the man's eyes rolled into the back of his head and the other man dropped him to the ground like a toy you no longer have use for.

My grandfather became as pale as the beasts that sucked the blood from his colleague. He turned around and saw the entrance they came from. "Everyone get out!" He yelled at his men and then they all rushed to the entrance as if their lives depended on it. When they finally got to the end of the cave my grandfather looked back to see hundreds of glowing red eyes staring at them.

After that encounter they didn't hear a thing from the beasts they met in the cave. That is not until a week later. Soon there were people and animals going missing and they would discover them in the woods with all the blood drained from them and two delicate holes placed at the nape of their necks. To defend the town my great, great grandfather began to make weapons and if he saw a vampire, he would slay them on spot. Before long the two sides were in a war, a war of vampires and vampire hunters, and this war is still going on even now. This is the Blood Wars.