Blood Wars

Chapter 3

After the news that dad wanted to see me we began our walk back to the house. When we got to the front door I saw the guards chatting there like they usually do, but the moment when they say my brothers their eyes widened with surprise and they stood upright and saluted the three older men. I just stared at the guards completely dumbfounded. They had a staring contest for a minute when finally Andrae nodded his head and then they opened the doors for them, which was strange for me because these two are always goofing off when I'm around and don't salute me let alone open the door for me or mom.

I shrugged it off and then fallowed my brothers into the grand entrance. I made my way across the silver marble floor and into a hallway with pictures of my ancestors hanging off the walls. I examined the pictures closely only to realize that the royalty in my family all have hair ranging from blonde to dark brown. Not one black haired person in the batch… not until me that is.

I continued the walk down the long hallway just staring at my feet trying not to look at the pictures anymore. The last thing I needed right now was being sad over something as trivial as looks. I know I'm the black sheep of the family but if I let that bother me, then I can never move forward with my life. I have to stay composed and my usual energetic self in case I am in trouble again.

We finally got to the end of the hallway when I saw two more guards guarding a pair of wooden doors with my family crest carved into it. The guards were a higher branch that only served the king and listened to no one but the king. They are only called when there in a top secret meeting going on. That's when something told me this wasn't about the prank I pulled on Annabelle. This was going to be far worse.

The moment the guards saw us they got out of our way and let us access the door manually. Kali walked up to the door and lightly knocked on it. I waited a few minutes, my heart racing and my fingers fidgeting nervously. I waited, and waited for what felt like a century when finally a voice called from the other side of the door.

"Enter." Said a low raspy voice. The guards pulled the doors opened and then motioned for us to go inside. My brothers went in first and I took a deep breath before I fallowed after them. I strolled into the room as gracefully as I could, trying my best not to trip over my own feet this time. The moment I entered I was met with over fifty eyes staring at me, it was the council elders.

After I entered a little more into the room I heard the doors behind me creek and then shut with a loud bang. I was standing in a small isle and on either side of the isles sat the elders. At the end of the isle were a few steps that led up to the two thrones. My father was sitting in the taller one. Next to him in a smaller chair by a few inches was Annabelle and then my brothers stood at either side of Annabelle and father. Mom sat at the feet of my father like all concubines would do.

I looked around nervously for a few minutes and then I saw Benen. His face looked distressed which made me worry even more. I stood at the end of the isle for a minute, my hands clasped in front of me and I was standing as straight as I possibly could. I was like this for a few minutes waiting for a sound but no one said anything, just silence.

"Ciel come forward." My father finally said. His voice echoed through the large chamber like thunder. I didn't hesitate, the moment he said that I began to walk forward to him. As I made my way to the front many people were whispering and stared at me. It felt like a thousand needles prickling my skin. I tried my best to stay composed but it was proving much more of a challenge then I originally thought. By the time I made it to the front of the room I swear I felt my knees begin to rattle. I politely bowed my head in respect to my father and then did the same to Annabelle which made me want to throw up.

"Ciel how old are you today?" He asked.

"Fourteen my lord…" I said in a smooth voice. Questions began to race in my head. Why did he want to know my age? Why was that so important?

"I see…" He said as he rubbed his chin in thought. I stared at him confused as silence broke into the room once again.

"Ciel you are to become a concubine to the kingdom of the north." He said bluntly. My eyes went wide with shock and I felt myself breaking down.

"What?" I said.

"You are to be the concubine of lord Natalious of the north." Annabelle said trying. I turned my attention over to her and I swear I must have glared at her.

"Are you kidding me?! He's almost sixty years old! I'm only fourteen why must I do such a thing! I refuse!" I yelled all the composure I had up until then all gone. To marry someone my father's age is not something I want to do.

"Lord Natalious agreed to help us with the war against those blood thirsty savages if we send his a present, and let's face it. In this war forgive me for saying this but you are a hindrance. So you are the most logical choice for a present, so refusal in not an option dear." Annabelle said as she pulled out a fan and covered her mouth like she was feeling depressed about the whole situation, but her eyes told me everything. She was actually really glad this happened.

"Besides… Annabelle was much younger when she became my wife." Father said calmly.

"Oh yeah… and you can see how well that worked out." I said without thinking as I glared at me father. He looked at me surprised at my statement. It seemed these guys were trying to get rid of useless people… and since I can't fight they consider me useless. That's when a thought hit me.

"What if I am able to kill a vampire?!" I yelled trying to find a way out of this. They stared at me now interested in what I have to say. My mother on the other hand looked horrified at the statement.

"Go on…" My father said inviting me to plead my case to him. I took a deep breath and then continued.

"If I catch a vampire… will send him something else for the treaty?" I asked.

"Dear! This is the only way! We have to send her away!" Annabelle hissed in his ear. Father let out a sigh and looked like he was about to give into her.

"Please father… all I ask is a chance to prove my worth like my brothers did." I said.

"But Ciel...with your brothers it's different." He said looking worried for the first time.

"Am I not also your child? All I ask is for a year to prove to you I am just as skilled as any of my brothers." I said as I gave him a pair of pleading silver eyes. He looked at me and then rubbed his chin as if he was in deep thought. It was like that for a few minutes when finally a sigh left his lips.

"You have a year, and I expect you to bring me the head of the vampire." He said bluntly.

"Dear!" Annabelle yelled as she stared at him completely shocked by his decision. Mother looked up at him shocked and then over at me worried.

"Thank you very much father!" I said happily as I bowed to him and left the room as quickly as I could. This was the starting line of where my story began. Little did I know what lied ahead of me, but at that time I didn't care. I was just glad to be out of the frying pan… For now.