Chapter 1

It was a fine afternoon in a normal high school building in Japan. The freshmen, sophomores, juniors and senior students were at their respective club areas. They were all having a good time, A normal day for all of them, or maybe…..

That night, all high school students were in their school because the school had set up a star gazing event in the school. There were several telescopes set up on the school grounds and some of the students were using them. Some, however, didn't participate in the activity. One of them was Yuichi Nashihara. He was a member of the school's kendo club. He was staying alone on the school rooftop. He had binoculars with him so he could see what were the other students were doing.

While enjoying the view, a friend of Yuichi called him through his phone. It was Ritsu, Yuichi's childhood friend.
"Hello?" Yuichi said
"Yuichi, where the heck are you!? I can't find you anywhere." Ritsu said
"Well, you know, just looking at the stars." Yuichi said as he used his binoculars to see Ritsu from a far.
"Very funny, tell me where you are already."Ritsu said
"Look up."Yuichi said
Ritsu looked up and saw Yuichi standing on the rooftop, waving his hand. Ritsu was about to go to the rooftop but suddenly, a student screamed. Ritsu accidentally dropped her phone and went to the crowd to see what happened.
"Hello! Hello!? What happened!?" Yuichi said as he used his binoculars to look what happened.

Yuichi saw a stranger biting another student's arm. It was already bleeding but the stranger won't stop biting the arm. The stranger looked pale and his eyes were pure white. A student with a bat smashed the stranger on the head which stopped the stranger from biting the student. The wounded student, however, fell unconscious and was slowly turning pale. A teacher approached him and checked his pulse. Suddenly, the wounded student bit the teacher on the neck. His eyes were pure white and his skin was also pale.

The students started running, as the stranger, student and the teacher started chasing students and eating them alive.
"What the hell!?"Yuichi said. He quickly looked for Ritsu but he lost sight of her.
Someone was trying to break through the door on the rooftop. Yuichi looked at the door then after a few seconds, a pale stranger broke through. It was slowly approaching Yuichi.
"A zombie!?" Yuichi said as he walked away slowly from the stranger.
After a few steps, Yuichi bumped into a wall. He saw an iron bat on the floor and picked it up. When the zombie got close enough, Yuichi swung his bat and hit the zombie on the head. The zombie landed on the ground and was still trying to stand back up. Yuichi smashed the zombie on the head once more and blood scattered on the floor.

Yuichi quickly ran to the stairs. When he got to the stairs, there were 3 zombies trying to climb up. He pushed the zombies away and continued to run. While he was running, he saw some of the students being eaten by a pile of zombies. He continued to run in search for his friend, Ritsu. He got to the 1st floor but he didn't saw anyone, also, all the lights went off. The only source of light was the moon.

Yuichi could barely someone or anything. He prepared himself for anything that might jump out at him from nowhere. He heard something behind him so he looked back.
"Ritsu, is that you?" Yuichi whispered.
Nothing answered but Yuichi could hear footsteps getting louder and louder. He figured that it could be a group of zombies. Since he was in front of the lab, he entered the room and locked the door. He quietly walked around the room to see if there's someone. Yuichi heard something, he approached it and then suddenly, someone placed her hand on Yuichi's shoulder. Yuichi looked back and nearly hit the girl with a bat.
"Shhh." The girl said and lit up a candle with a matchstick.

The girl dragged Yuichi to the floor and sat down. She placed the candle on the side for some light.
"If they hear you, we're dead." The girl said
"Thanks, but. Who are you?" Yuichi said
"I'm Yuriko, Yuriko Funahashi."
"I'm Yuichi, Yuichi Segara."
"Did you found anyone else?" Yuriko asked
"No, you're the only one I've found so far. Have you seen a girl about tall as you with brown long hair and green eyes?" Yuichi said
"No, all I saw was walking dead people, any bright ideas how to get out of this school?" Yuriko asked
"Nope. You?" Yuichi said
"None either. I guess we'll just have to figure it out ourselves. That is of course if we could stay alive." Yuriko said as she opened the cabinet to look for some things they could use.

Suddenly, a zombie was trying to open the door. Yuichi readied his bat in case the zombie gets inside.
Then he noticed that because of the candle, He and Yuriko could be seen from the windows on the hallway.
"Blow the candle light now." Yuichi said
Yuriko blew the candle and held tightly on the knife that she has. After a few seconds, the zombie stopped opening the door.
"That was close." Yuriko said
"I guess, even if they're dead, they could still see us in the light and hear us." Yuichi said
Yuriko opened another drawer and found a flashlight and some matchsticks.
"Alright, let's get out of here." Yuichi said
"Okay." Yuriko said

They both got out of the room. Yuriko turned the flashlight on and faced at the east part of the hall.
"Let's go this way. We might encounter some students who managed to stay alive." Yuriko said
"I could find my friend there." Yuichi said
They both walked the empty dark halls with fear in their hearts.

end of chapter one.

Author's note

Okay guys, yes you've read it right, I've changed the story line and it's because I think it's better to start with a few characters first. Anyway, hope you like it and follow me on twitter it's, miggy796 =)