Chapter 5

After a few hours of travelling, Yuriko and the others reached the research facility. It was a facility built on the snow surface in the south arctic. Despite the fact that they are already at a safe zone, Yuriko could still remember what had happened to Yuichi.
"Why are we here again?" Ritsu asked
"So far, it is the only place far from any zombie in the Asian region. That's why every survivor found in Asia is brought here." Nikolai explained.
They landed on the helipad near a large building and then they climbed down the helicopter. They were welcomed by Yuriko's father, the general.
"Yuriko, I'm glad you're safe." The general said
Yuriko didn't replied, she looked at the ground then she looked at her father.
"Lt. Nikolai, I heard that some of your men ambushed you? Why is that?" The general asked
"It was Luke sir, he planned on killing Nikolai and his men and return here with your daughter and become a hero." Akira suddenly said
"I'm not talking to you kid." The general said
Akira bit his lips.
"Alright, let's talk inside the facility."The general said

They entered the building, it turns out to be a research facility and a place to construct plan about the zombie apocalypse.
"Yuriko, do you and your friends want something to eat or drink?" The general said
"Some warm coffee would be nice." Yuriko said
The general talked to a person then the person went off to get some coffee.
"Stay here with your friends. I'll just talk with the professor." The general said then he left.
"Guys, we're here. We're finally safe." Ritsu said
"Yeah, I just hope my mom and dad are too." Akira said
"Why? Where are they?" Ritsu asked
"They were in London, Haven't contacted them since the incident happened." Akira said
"Use this." Nikolai said as he handed out a cell phone to Akira.
Akira dialed the number in the phone and stood up and went to the corner and waited for his parents to answer his call.

Ritsu noticed that Yuriko was gloomy, she held Yuriko's hand and talked to her.
"Are you alright?" Ritsu asked
"Yeah, I'm fine." Yuriko replied
"You don't look to good. Is there something you want to say?" Ritsu said
"It's just that, I can't forget about what happened to Yuichi, what if he manage to made it to the rooftop after we left?" Yuriko said
"Yuriko, It's not your fault, It's not anybody's fault. Yuichi knew that we had to leave early and if he did managed to make it to the rooftop, then that could mean that he's still alive right? That means there's still a chance for us to see him again." Ritsu said
Yuriko paused for a moment.
"You're right. Thanks." Yuriko said

After a while, The general went out of the room and talked to Yuriko.
"I'm going out for a while, I'll be going to Tokyo and assist in the defense against the undead. Lt. Nikolai, I'm ordering you to take care of my daughter and her friends while I'm gone." The general said
Yuriko hugged his father.
"Please be safe." Yuriko said
The general hugged his daughter back then he left. Exactly, Akira went back to Yuriko and the others.
"My parents say they're alright. They're at a safe place in London." Akira said
Nikolai was about to leave Yuriko and the others when suddenly, Yuriko talked to him.
"Nikolai, Train me, train me to become a soldier." Yuriko said
"What? Are you kidding me?" Nikolai said
A female soldier with a sniper rifle approached them.
"Why not? Train her if that's what she wants. The general did say you need to take care of her." The female soldier said
The female soldier looked at Yuriko and placed her hand on Yuriko's shoulder.
"If you want, I can train you. By the way, I'm Claire."
Claire, a 24 year old soldier with black long hair, white complexion and brown eyes.
"Wait, train me too. Who knows, maybe someday I'd need to protect myself." Ritsu said
"Yeah, I'll pass. I'm not really good with fighting." Akira said as he wipes his glasses.
"Alright, follow me." Claire said

They went to the training room located at the 2nd floor of the facility. They trained in hand-to-hand combat, long range combat and even in logical exercises. 3 months later, things has changed. Yuriko became skilled in both ranged and close quarters combat while Ritsu became skilled in medium ranged combat. One time, While Yuriko was practicing at the shooting range, Nikolai talked to her.
"Yuriko, I need to tell you something." Nikolai said
"What is it?" Yuriko said as she shoot at the targets.
"It's about your father. He's been missing for 3 weeks now."Nikolai said
Yuriko stopped shooting and looked at Nikolai.
"Where was he last seen?"Yuriko asked
"Tokyo. We lost contact of the entire force there." Nikolai said
"I'm going." Yuriko said as he grabbed the pistol and a couple of ammunition.
"Wait."Nikolai said
"You won't stop me Nikolai, I'll go to Tokyo and look for my father even if that means I'll have to take you down first." Yuriko said
"Wow, Don't worry. We're not going to stop you." Claire said as she entered the room.
"We're here to inform you that we will be going to Tokyo in a few hours." Nikolai said
"Alright." Yuriko said

The 3 of them walked outside the training area and went to the briefing room. There they saw Ritsu and Akira and a couple of soldiers. There was a man wearing a lab coat with glasses. He was the one leading the operation. His name was Walter

"I'll be joining too." Ritsu said
"I'll stay here and provide you with information through the computer." Akira said while typing something in the computer.
"Alright. Let's start the briefing. First off, All of you need to go to Tokyo but, unluckily, the chopper could only drop you a few blocks away from your target destination." Walter said
"Why? Why not just drop us on the exact location?" Ritsu said
"Because, after a few months since the incident, the no of zombies went higher. Intel says that some even mutated and became more powerful. Dropping you off in the place where the soldiers are said to be attacked by an unknown entity is useless." Walter said
"Speaking of those b*stards, where did they came from anyway?" Yuriko said
"We're not sure yet. All we know is that every undead contains a toxic chemical that kills the body and that enables the brain to work even though the body is dead. In return, the brain somehow functions differently and makes the host eat on flesh and unable to speak." Walter said
"And this chemical can be transmitted through bites?" Yuriko said
"Correct. Once you're infected, you'll only have an hour or sometimes minutes before you become one of them. To make it worst, we still haven't found the antidote for it." Walter said
"Well, that makes sense." Yuriko said
"Now then, your goal is to find out what happened to the general. Bring him back here if he's alive. Take what you need in the armory; the chopper will be ready in 30 minutes. The briefing's over." Walter said

Yuriko and the others went to the armory. Ritsu picked up a handgun, a sub machine gun and a machete.
"Still can't believe I'm doing this." Ritsu said
"You can still stay here if you want." Yuriko said
"Nah, I could use the adventure." Ritsu said as she grabbed some ammunition.
Yuriko grabbed 2 handguns, a katana and some smoke grenades. Nikolai grabbed a riffle, a knife and some ammunition. Claire grabbed a sniper rifle and 2 knives. One of the soldiers they're with, grabbed a large machine gun.
"Whoa, make sure you put that to good use." Nikolai said
After a few minutes, they were done preparing.
"Alright guys, let's move out." Nikolai said

End of chapter 5