Mathias never considered himself to be a violent man, most people would say that he's very tolerable to be around. He doesn't give in to mood swings or petty rivalries and he could count the number of times he's been really mad on one hand. So it seemed to surprise him greatly when he got into his car at 4 in the morning, drove to a nondescript house close to downtown with murder on his mind. Here he was, a man who had strewn his career to the wolves and given his life to fate to be with a woman, a woman who as luck would have it turned out to be more fickle that the entire greek pantheon and whose feelings were as brittle as fine spun glass.

Mathias parked his car two blocks away in a church parking lot, as he walked away he locked it remotely, the alarm buzzing. As he walked south toward his destination he began to think about everything he was doing. He had planned this evenings activities down to the very wire, The clothes he wore were layered; an outer layer to burn after he was finished and an inner layer to keep on for quick changes in case he was spotted. He wore all black, cliche but for a very good reason, the nights inky cloak had draped the neighborhood in perpetual blackness, anyone roaming the streets this late would have an impossible time spotting him.

He fondled the folding knife in his front pocket, his weapon of choice. Messier than he had intended, messier but much quieter than a .40 caliber pistol. Easier to explain in the possession of a young woman in her twenties who often traveled alone. Mathias had toyed with the idea of simply kidnapping both his intended targets and taking them out into the wilderness, killing them there and leaving them for the birds and beasts to munch on. No, he wanted to send a message and reveal this woman for what she was; a malevolent, lying, insecure, deceitful and promiscuous whore. It was just a shame that the "Other man" had to be caught in the middle of it all. No matter, they both have histories of mental instability, their closest friends and relatives would attribute such an act to their respective conditions.

Mathias approached the house, a ramshackle abode if ever he saw one, he had been inside once and that was all he cared for of the place. the outside paint was severely chipped and ivy was starting to overgrow the north wall. He stood on the sidewalk, the shadow of a ghost, breathing steadily before he took that first tentative step toward the house. Mathias was absolutely silent as he opened the front door, which had been carelessly left unlocked by its occupants. He knew which room he would find them in, four steps ahead, eight steps to the right and around the corner. Mathias opened the door without a sound and heard them breathing; the woman he recognized instantly, he had spent enough nights awake to commit that irregular breathing to memory. The man took long, deeper breaths, snoring occasionally. This was the room.

Mathias slipped on the gloves he had brought with him, flexing his fingers to get his blood flowing. He removed the folding knife from his pocket and opened the shadowy blade. He hesitated momentarily, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness. He held his breath as he took the woman's hand and put the knife into it, her fingerprints. Once done he turned his attention to the man, his neck was long and sinewy, Mathias moved the blade to the man's throat and pressed down without a moments hesitation, slicing sideways to sever the windpipe. The blood came out in soft, bubbling gurgles as the throat hissed softly, he was on his side so Mathias wasn't touched. The woman stirred slightly and Mathias froze, she sighed softly and spoke the man's name as though dreaming of him.

Mathias looked away, hot tears welled up in his eyes and leaked down his face and chin. He wiped them away hastily and pressed the edge of the knife to the woman's upper forearm and winced slightly as he pressed the knife down and made a near surgical cut vertically along her inside wrist. She stirred again but by the time she regained consciousness she began to drift lazily away, only opening her eyes long enough to see the moonlit face of Mathias looming over her, fresh tears in his cold blue eyes.