When You Became Mine

We were both young and fragile

Both covered with armor

But something sparked in your eyes that night

We might have been a little too boozed

A little too high

No denying the passion that laid heavy upon us

Too dazed from the alcohol

We cuddled for warmth

Lying lazily along your large comfy bed

Just happen to turn my head back to you

Our lips brushed

You leaned in

Deepening the kiss

Closing the distance by flipping over

Intertwining our limbs

You rolling over on top of me

Laying between my legs

We sunk deep in to your bed

It turned in to something more

Our clothes on the floor

A female touch I never experienced before

Your hands running over my chest

And down my thighs

My hands snatching through your hair

Never will I forget

The taste of the watermelon lip-gloss on your lips

Or the smell of cocoanut oil on your skin

Feeling my head

Sending me in to a further daze

Your long dark hair tickling my skin

The warm tongue ring making wet circles on my flesh

Never will I forget your warmth

And know just as the crack of dawn came

Our breathing heavy

And you looked down on me with those gray eyes

That is when I knew you became mine