Has anyone been watching the latest season of Dexter. I promised myself I would wait until the end to watch it, but after watching the first two episodes I'm already completely hooked. I really want to know who this season will play out.

There are so many good shows out at the moment and I'm addicted to about three of them. I spend the week biting my nails until the weekend when I can finally find out what's going to happen next.

I think it would be nice to write something that has the same sort of addictive power. I'm not certain if I'll be able to achieve it with Daisuke but that's not going to stop me from trying.





Chapter 4




"Save me, it's going to eat us all!"





I took a walk through the shopping district on my way home. It was a closed off street with shops on either side and a roof so you don't get wet when it rains.

I stopped to look in the second-hand games store at things I couldn't afford. It was unlikely Sis would give me money for games, but if I could convince Shuro, he might buy it for me. There were a few girls hanging around the mall as well. Some were in groups, and some were casually shopping on their own. There was a cute girl gazing into the display window of the clothing store. Probably imagining how she would look in the fashionable, but over priced outfit the mannequin was wearing. I was tempted to stop and talk to her, before I remembered the gruesome end to the first Daisuke Matsumoto.

I decided I would no longer attempt to pick up strange girls before confirming they were human. I didn't want to meet the same end as my older brother. What if the fox monster really liked the taste of his heart and decided to come back for seconds.

I sighed and turned to go home. So much had changed since I began high school. I had to make new friends, found out my adopted family were exorcists, and discovered that any pretty girl could be a heart eating monster.

I heard the jingle of phone charms, and a flash of blonde raced past me. I stared blankly at the girl running off into the distance. She was wearing our school uniform but her hair was bleached blonde which was against school policy. The only person I knew who could get away with that was Kurumi! I took a second glance. It was definitely Kurumi. She must have been racing off to fight an Obake. Why else would she be in such a hurry.

I clutched my bag strap with one hand to prevent it from falling off my shoulder, and followed suit. If there was going to be an Obake exorcism, I needed to be there. I needed to see a real live Obake with my own eyes.







I followed Kurumi to the edge of town where there was nothing but trees. We ran until the cement path became dirt and pebbles. I thought she would have heard my footsteps, but she was too engrossed in where she was going. Every now and again she would pull out her cell phone and glance at the screen before running off again.

We kept running until I could hear the voices of the other exorcists from somewhere beyond the trees.

"I don't know what you're waiting for, let's just attack now," came the voice of Itsuki.

"No, we should wait for it to make the first move, we don't know what we're dealing with."

"You're just scared because the last one took a chunk out of your arm."

Kurumi picked up speed and I wasn't far behind, within a matter of seconds she burst through the trees, and was out in an open field. I hung back and hid myself behind a bush. I quickly peeked around to get a better look. The rest of the exorcists were already there. Taisei, Nina, Mana, Itsuki, Kiyori, and Souta were gathered around in a circle staring at something I couldn't see.

"Kurumi, thank godyou're here!" yelled Taisei

"Someone was late. Was there a sale at the mall?"

"Shut your face Itsuki!"

I was so excited, I could finally see a real life Obake and witness my first exorcism. I expected them to be dressed in special clothes and carrying mystical weapons, but compared to my day dreams they looked more like they were going home from club activities.

Taisei and Mana were holding wooden poles which were similar to those used in the Kendo club. Nina was holding a bow and arrow (which probably came from the archery club), and Kiyori looked like he was prepared to cut down a tree with a single axe in one hand. Itsuki and Souta were holding nothing, so maybe they intended to beat the Obake to death.

I caught a glance of a small raccoon in the center of the circle. It was trembling with fear. It was tiny and looked nothing like the picture Taisei showed me on his cell phone.

Suddenly it all made sense. Obake didn't really exist. The teenagers who I had mistaken for having mystic powers, were actually just a bunch of weird kids. They were all in a make-believe club which ran around the forest pretending to be exorcists and killing animals. It embarrassed me to know I had believed their strange fantasies.

I felt pity for the raccoon. Knowing that it was probably going to be beaten to death, I decided to intervene.

I walked out of the trees with both hands up to show that I meant no harm.

"Hey guys."

They all spun around and stared at me.

"Why is he here!" screeched Kurumi.

"What do you mean why is he here? Didn't you bring him?" asked Taisei.

"No, why would I do that!"

"He must have followed you," said Itsuki. "Great job Kurumi, I can see those exorcist skills hard at work."

Taisei waved his hand like he was trying to shoo me back behind the trees.

"Hey you! Just find a safe place to hide and get out of the way!"

I planned to give a speech about how animals are our friends, but I could finally see what lay behind them. The raccoon relaxed and began gnawing on a peach beside it, or at least I thought it was a peach. As I stared longer I realized that it was too deformed to be a type of fruit. It took a moment to process what it was, but then the realization hit me. It was chewing on a human arm.


"Oh crap," Taisei turned his attention back to the raccoon, but it was already too late. The raccoon began to shake like it was going to throw up, but instead it began to grow larger.

"Nina now!" He yelled.

"Roger!" Nina grabbed an arrow from the pack on her back and loaded it into the bow. She aimed it downward and shot, but her arm wavered and the arrow missed.

"Shit!" Swore Taisei. "Everyone back now! Itsuki prepare a charm! Kiyori cover Itsuki! Mana take care of this guy!" he said pointing at me.

Mana on the other hand wasn't too happy about it. "What! Why me, you never let me fight the Obake!"

"Mana, get back there now!"

With a huff Mana dashed in front of me. She held her pole as a shield in case of any attack. Her brow was narrowed in anger, but when she looked at me she was smiling.

"Don't worry you'll be safe."

Happiness swelled within my chest. The girl I liked was prepared to protect me from a terrifying man-eating monster. I wanted to say that I was dying of happiness, until I realized that I might die within the next few minutes.

"I almost forgot," Taisei quickly dashed over to Mana and I. "I have something to give you."

He reached into his pocket. I thought he was going to pull out some weapon I could use to protect myself, but instead it was a cell phone.

"If you don't mind do you think you could get some shots of me fighting this thing?"

"I suppose," I muttered hesitantly, I wasn't sure if this was really the situation for taking pictures.

"Thanks," he waved and turned his attention back to the monster.

The Obake had grown to the size of a person. It still resembled a raccoon, except its teeth and claws were ten times larger and it was foaming at the mouth. I wanted to appear brave and manly in front of Mana, but I was soon clinging to her shoulder on the verge of tears. I may have also been screaming "Save me, its going to eat us all!"

Unlike everyone else who had jumped back and scattered, Nina reloaded her bow. She looked like she was going to take another shot but her fingers were shaking.

"Nina, get back!" Yelled Taisei.

"It's OK, I can handle it."

She didn't get the chance to shoot because the giant raccoon lunged at her. She screamed and fell back. I couldn't see her behind the monster, so I assumed she must have been a goner. It was the first time I'd ever seen someone die so I froze in shock. Unable to move or do anything.

"Nina!" yelled Taisei.

Tasiei ran to help her but before he'd even taken a step there was a large thud, and an axe was suddenly implanted in the racoon's back. It must have been thrown by Kiyori. The raccoon turned, glared at us and howled in rage. Its eyes were red, and I swear there was blood dripping from its mouth. It locked eyes with me before it hurled towards Mana and I.





I hate to end things on a cliff hanger, but things have been busy recently and I haven't had the chance to edit the rest. I'm not sure when I'll get another chance to update, but stay tunned all the same :)

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