That Disgusts Me

I work as a pipe system mechanic and I have seen many gross things at my job. Yet, there are three things in this world that still manage to disgust me.

People who talk on their phones while they are using the bathroom.

I do not understand people who do this. You're in the bathroom, why do you need to be on the phone at the same time? That's just… Ugh! A few days ago, my boss called me from the pipe system building on my day-off. He asked if I could fill in for a co-worker who got sick that morning. I said that I would. Towards the end up the call, I heard a flushing sound on the other end. By that time, I'm trying to keep it together.

"Boss," I said.

"Yes, Stalin?" he asked.

"Where are you right now?"

"I just finished using the bathroom."

It was all that I could do to keep from cringing as he hung up.

Overly greasy food.

My husband took me out to this Vietnamese restaurant in celebration of my first paycheck. The smell alone was enough to put anyone off. My husband insisted that we stay.

"It'll be an experience," he said. The only good about that place was the cold spicy tea I ordered. The only thing that looked good on the menu turned out to be a hot greasy mess. I don't even know what I ordered. I had a plate of noodles, some green stuff, and some type of meat I was too afraid to guess what it was. It took two bite before I gave up. I could still taste the grease in my throat for days. My husband didn't even finish his food. We ended up eating TV dinners at home.

Trashy photos online

Argh! I can't stand this so much! Don't these people realize by now that everyone can see what you post on the internet? I'm sick of seeing these girls with half-naked, slutty pictures of themselves on Facebook and their personal profiles. It's not cute, it's not sexy; it's just pathetic and trashy. So please, just stop. Stop.

*Clears her throat*