She slams her fist against the mirror, her reflection makes her want to be sick. A scar covers her face from ear to ear, without hesitation she draws back her fist and jams it into the mirror. Glass shatters, and cuts her hand into shreds.

'Haha, I've found you.' An echo of a voice enters into the bathroom. A coated figure steadily faces her back, glaring at her refection.

The girls lips coves into a smile, her hand is in agonising pain with consent throbs as blood pulses out, dripping into the basin. 'Men shouldn't be in here, this is the ladies bathroom, it's against the rules for men to enter.'

The figure smiles at her though the broken shads of the mirrors, 'You are a cheeky one aren't you.'

The girls smile disappeared, knowing what'll happen next.

Out of nowhere a bullet hits the mirror, just skimming her shoulder, shards of glittering pieces cover the atmosphere, with the impacted she jolts forwarded into the basin.

She swings her hips around to face the man, 'Sparrow,' she pauses and looks him in the eye, the man frowns 'say goodbye to this life. . .' she lifts her hand up and shoots Sparrow in the head, blood dribbles down into his mouth and he falls onto the floor, head first.

An instant death.

The girl limps down with her new injuries; a frown stains her face, Sparrow's blood dots all over her features. Tears burn her eyes and she jumps up to her feet and exits the bathroom.

A dark organisation, a girl with a scar, what could possibly go wrong?