Three days earlier.

'Hey' the girl moans as the boy next to her carries the umbrella, 'do you really have to walk me to school Joe?'

'Yes. Yes I do.' He clearly states avoiding eye contact at all costs. 'And plus, I made up another riddle that I want you to solve!'

A sweat droplet runs down her face, as her older brother rummages though his pockets, eventually he pulls out a crinkled pieces of paper. He hands it into hers:

The below statement is false

The above statement true.

'Are you trying to mock my intelligence?'


'Stop it, you've just started collage. You mustn't be messing around like an eight year old anymore.' She flips her head towards his; an unspoken eye contest begins.

'Elaina.' Joe whispers. 'You're gunna be late.'

Elaina immediately breaks the contact and runs into the school grounds, 'I'll give you the answer after school!'

Joe laughs and gives a wave, Elaina waves back. Once she enters, he turns his back on her, a frown consumes him.

'Zzzzzzzzz. . . ' the vibration of his mobile wakes him from thought, 'Zzzzzzzzzzz. . .' Joe's hand shoots for his jeans as he revives his black phone, he flips it open:


'Wat!' Joe fustily shouts, 'Damn you! I want out!'

'You know you can't do that Sparrow, the Organisation won't let you go that easily.' The voice sends hammers on his head, 'It's either you do the job, or its deaths door for you.'

Stress makes him uncomfortable, 'I dun wanna put my littl' sister in your grubby hands. I know it's almost time for her to be part of it. Once she's sixteen in two days, . . . I rather kill her myself then you, Peacock. Ya hear?'

'I understand. . .'

Joe felt a sneer from the other end of the phone.



'Brother? . . .' Elaina whispers, 'Are you okay?'

Joe nods.

'I've never seen you so upset.'

He looks at the floor, avoiding eye contact. Elaina frowns.

'In the end, I couldn't solve the riddle.'

Silence answers her.

'So unlike you not to laugh when I can't solve riddle du jour.'

Joe cracks a slight smile.

'Aha! I got you to smile!' she laughs. Joe puts his arm around her, protecting her.

'Two days before your ''Sweet Sixteen'' right?'

Elaina eyes him 'You know I don't wanna do that!'

'I've got something important to tell you before you turn to that age. Something you don't know.'

This is strange; never in my life have I seen him so, so . . . scared. Strange thoughts collide into each other, 'Okay!' She smiles, brushing off such thoughts, 'Oh yeah, solve the riddle du jour!'

'I will! I will!' he laughs.

His arm protects her from the dangers, the dangers that are unspoken of.