Chapter one…

"Do you think she might help?" A voice said, my whole body and my eyes were not responding, am I in heaven?

"If they were looking for her, then she might help us" A male voice said, he sighed and took my right arm, his arm felt tired somehow, it also felt like a young hand.

"I know, but look at her, she is thin, fragile and she has lost an eye" The other voice said, it sounded like a female voice, but unlike the male voice, this one sounded older.

"That doesn't mean anything, maybe she has something special, even her hair turned white. Maybe she has powers or something, it might help us" The male voice said once again, where they talking about me? Did I lost an eye and my hair turned white?

"We will have to wait until she wakes up, for now she is just waste" The female voice said, then I heard steps that came closer to where I was. "Finally here Kay Lee, how can we wake her up?" The same voice said, then I heard a chair moving.

"After that accident, her body might be paralyzed, but not because of the car. I think Spectrum did something to her" Another female voice said, then I started to feel a soft hand on my face, like if it was pouring something that felt like flour. "That eye and that hair, I don't think a car accident made it" The voice said once again.

Where the fuck am I?

"She might wake up in a few seconds" The voice said once again, and like if magic, I opened my… eye slowly.

All of them looked surprised, like if they were looking at some sort of ghost, or a dangerous animal.

"Hey sweetie, can you speak to us?" A white skinned woman said staring at me, her hair was black and her eyes gray, she was pretty to look at, and by her voice, I kind of think she might be a really sweet person, at my right, was a young man, he looked like two years older than me, his hair was short and black and his skin white, his eyes though, had a green color and his lips a pinkish color. He, also, was pretty to look at.

But the other woman wasn't there, I guess she left once "Kay Lee" came.

"Hun, can you speak? Does something hurt?" The woman said again. I stared at her for a second, then I realized that my view was now half, I really lost an eye.

"My head" I said, my voice was breaking and I think I almost whispered. My body didn't hurt at all, maybe because I felt it paralyzed. But wait, I thought I had a car accident a few minutes ago?

"I understand" The woman said touching my head, she gave me a small massage and in a second or two, my head wasn't hurting anymore. What kind of black magic is this?

"Better?" She said smiling, I just nodded my head.

"Ok, now, I know you are really confused about all of this, but I cannot answer your questions… I cannot even answer mines" She said confused, like if she was thinking. "The only thing I can tell you, is that your life might not be the same as the one you had before you died" She said sighting, more like she was stressed than-

Wait she said died?

"Died?" I said confused, my voice was starting to sound more humane.

"Girl, you are not a human anymore" The guy said, then I noticed something, my heart, I could not feel it, and my body started to hurt in a way I could not even understand.

"Scarlett, you are a vampire"