There was this building, it was filled with doors and windows… somehow I wanted to open one of them, the one that did not have any color, it was gray, not as the other ones that were filled with bright colors… when I opened it, all I saw was my face… crying.

I woke up again, my face was sweating and my hands were shaking, my breathing was fast and my head hurt again. All I remember was that word vampire describing me. I still had questions going around my head, and it was obvious that there were answers.

I fainted when I heard it, it was so crazy that my head could not stand it, just to hear that I am a vampire and that I have lost an eye. It was ridiculous and scary at the same time, so many feelings…

"You woke up" A man standing in front of me smiled. He was old already, so old that his long hair was completely white. He was tall, attractive in some way, he was skinny and his skin was tan. "You really do not have light sleep" He said smiling once again, all I did was reply with another smile. As I did this, he came closer, walking slowly.

"Who are you?" I said almost whispering. "Where am I?" I said looking around, now I was in a different room, the room where I first woke up looked more like a morgue, but this one, it looked more like those kind of castles you see in horror movies. This room was partially made of wood, the wall was painted in a vintage style and the floor's carpet was red, red as the blood color. The furniture looked expensive, like if this room cost more than a billion dollars. I also noticed something, there were no windows at all.

"My name is Gabriel, Gabriel Armstrong" The man said sitting on a chair besides me. Then he took my hand slowly, I noticed how my skin looked paler than before, I always used to be tan, but now… I wonder how much I have changed…

"And you are in Iceland ma'am, this is the central castle, where you are going to be living from now on" The man said, his hand was warm, and I really wondered if my hand was cold.

"Iceland?" I said surprised, a day ago I was in Chicago having my birthday party… why am I here?

"Yes, my troops brought you here" He said smiling. "We need you" He said, but now his face was serious, like if he was a complete bipolar person.

"What do you mean by troops and, why do you need me?" I said staring at him, my voice now sounded nervous and scared.

"My troops… We are called Cobus, they are called Spectrum" He said standing up, then he took something from a small box, it was what looked like an old paper, then he unfolded it and handed it to me. It was a drawing, like if a drawing a kinder garden kid drew it, it was familiar. "You remember it right?" The man said.

"Yes I do, but I don't know how" I said, trying to remember the drawing, it was familiar. But familiar as if I saw it in some museum.

"You remember it because you drew it when you were little, you see, vampire's mind can store memories for a long time, I think you remember Spectrum" He said, the drawing had six people holding swords, they looked like if they were from a medieval era. They also had white hair.

"Who are they… and who are your troops?" I asked once again, he took the drawing away and stared at my eyes, then gently brushed my hair with his hand.

"Spectrum, like they already told you, is the Vampire's high council, and as many other fantasy stories, they want to take over the world" He said, then he took a bracelet from his pocket and gave it to me, it was a pretty colored bracelet made of gold, it had various gems and in the middle it had a C carved on it. "We Cobus, are the ones in the story that will defeat them, we are a vampire hunting organization… we are all over the world to kill vampires" He said. "If you thought that these kinds of stories were only made to read and laugh… then you are wrong, because this is real" He said whispering.

"That is why I am here? Because I am a vampire? Are you going to kill me?" I said looking at him, he laughed slowly and stared again.

"No, we got you here because you are not a regular vampire, you see… since you were young you had vampire characteristics in your veins, you were a human, but now you are a pure vampire who once was with Spectrum" He said pressing my hand against his. "We think you are the key to finish all vampires, because of your blood"

"My blood?" I said.

"Yes, your blood" he said as I remember Kay Lee saying that she didn't know why I was so special, I wonder if this old man already told his troops. Is he keeping it in secret? Or was he just making sure I was a real vampire?

"How can that help you finish vampires?" I said staring at him, he stood there thinking of an answer, like if he did not wanted to tell me, then he stared at my hand and twisted it to see my palm, it looked burned, but didn't hurt at all. The burnt had the shape of a raindrop; it had this pinkish color that matched beautifully with my now white skin.

"You see, we kill vampires with their own blood. We use special bullets that have blood inside and brake when it's inside the vampire's body" He said showing me a small bullet he took from his other pocked, then he opened it and red liquid fell from inside. "But after some projects and missions, we noticed that this bullets only work on regular vampires, not pure vampires, this was because we only use 'fake' vampire blood to kill" He said as the red liquid fell on his white shirt.

"Why don't you just trap a pure vampire?" I said.

"Because they are not as easy as the regular vampires, you see, pure vampires have this special powers that destroy our kind with only one stare, we can't even get close enough to shot them or at least hit them" He said with a desperate voice.

"So you need me to kill them" I said more like a statement than a question.

"It is not that we need, you have to help us" He said handing me the bullet, I took it and as the blood fell to my palm, I felt a really nice smell that came from it, and with no choice, or at least a thought, I licked it from my hand as fast as a starved man would eat a huge turkey. Then I felt hunger, it was so big that I felt like if I had been starving myself for a long time, I wanted more.

"What the…" I said trying to figure out what was happening, the blood on my palm was now completely gone, I lick it, and I liked it. Was it real then? Vampires really exist? They really do like blood?

"They are hungry Scarlett, and they will do everything to get food" he said, I was still staring at the bulled that I cleaned with my tongue, I wanted blood.

I was starving, just as they were.