Through Her Eyes

She stares up at the officer with aching eyes. Everything about her body hurt; the cuts and bruises on her face, arms, legs and torso, while blood drips from her lip and eyebrow, creating a river of red down the side of her face. Her head throbs as her vision is blurs, and her head gently swoops from side to side as she attempts to regain balance.

"Do you believe in God!?"

The voice roars ferociously into her mind, and echos like thunder. Her eyes focus on the man standing before her, in uniform, with eyes dark as shadows. She ought to have felt fear, as she is close to her death. Most would be crying for mercy, instead of allowing everything to end here.

There are two things she could do; she could say no, and it would all end there. Many times they offered her freedom if she just said no. They would set her free! They would let her go home where she would never have to face this sort of persecution again—never again would she stand in the face of death everyday—or, she could say yes, and die.


Her head pulled up by her matted, bloody hair by the Officer, as he tries to see into her eyes. His small, dark almond-shaped eyes glares into hers. He has executed many people in his time, and every pair of eyes he looked into were stricken with fear and pity, crying for mercy; however, as he looks into the eyes of this girl, his heart rattles with fear himself. The blue-gray eyes he stares into are so deep he begins to get lost in them; his heart shakes as he feels an emotion he has never once experienced in his prisoners: confidence, bravery, and most of all—love. This woman does not stare at him in disgust, nor with a sense of hatred, it is the opposite. Her eyes portray the deepest sense of love for him, and for whatever is giving her this overwhelming sense of confidence. Her warm eyes begin to tear up, but he can tell it is not for herself, not for her own pain or life—it is for his.

"Why do you do this?" He hisses at her, his own eyes tearing up as immense pressure is weighing on his heart, "Why do you die for this God?"

Their eyes could not be torn apart from each other. She is weak, and her voice is raspy and quiet, but consists of the deepest love the man has ever seen,

"Because He sent His son to die for me . . . What greater love is there?"

The Officer trembles as he still holds the girl by her hair, unable to tear his eyes away from hers. Deeper he falls into them, witnessing something inside of them that has always been there, but he never truly recognized until now. She speaks again, her voice still broken and fading, but the words roar into his heart with majesty, as the words were no longer her own.

"And He loves you too . . ."

The words reach down into the Officer's heart and takes hold of it—he can hardly breathe. His body begins to tremble uncontrollably, and without personal order, his hands let go of her hair, and her head drops to the ground. Aroused with emotion, he cries to the girl,

"What is this!?"

His body is in brutal shock, and he is thrown into a mixture of emotions. His mind reels against the girl, thinking of every single possible way he can extinguish this girl from the face of the Earth, while his heart pulsates love, compassion and mercy. In inexplicable rage and tears, the man pulls his gun from his side and points it to the girl's head.

"Why don't you fear me!?"

Rain begins to fall from the sky, wetting the girl and helping the blood to fall away from her face as she lifts it to face the man. Once again their eyes meet, and the man his shot with love in her eyes. The tone in her voice, although weak and gasping for breath, is confident and sincere,

"I have taken heart, for my God has overcome the world," she says, "my fears, my doubts . . . He has defeated all my trials. Why should I fear death . . . if I know I will be in heaven with Him for eternity?"

He shakes, and it isn't because of the cold rain that pelts down upon them. His hand is close to dropping the gun, but he cannot bring himself to harming her again. She is already close to death because of him—enough of her blood is stained on his hands.

"Officer!" Screams the Captain from across the field, "Why is this thing still alive!?"

The Officer's eyes glances at his superior before looking back at the girl, lying flat on the ground, her eyes now closed as she quietly mumbles to herself. The Officer wonders that himself—how is she still living? For days they had tortured her, beaten her and abused her, how is she still living?

Because He loves me.

Infuriated and impatient, led by something completely different from the conversation between the girl and the Officer, the Captain storms across the field, revealing his handgun from his side, "If you won't kill this disgusting woman, then I will!"

The Officer is frozen as he watches the scene unravel rapidly before his eyes.

"Do you believe in God you filthy westerner!?" The Captain bellows as he comes to her side and kicks her. She moans as she rolls onto her back, twisting in the mud as the pain is slowly becoming more unbearable.

"Do you!?" The Captain screams as his foot comes in strong contact with her head. She cries out, and manages to bring her thin hand to the side of her head. She feels the wet, sticky red liquid and cringes at the new gash on her head. Slowly, she turns her gaze to the Captain, and with the same look of love and confidence in her eyes, she replies.


The Officer, for the first time in many, many years, harshly flinched at the sound of the trigger being pulled, and the loud crash of the bullet as it fires out of the barrel and rapidly hits it's target. With a shattered heart, the Officer falls before the girl, who's teary, bright blue eyes stared up into the grey sky, as her hand blindly searches for the bullet wound in her chest. He falls to her side and sobs, ignoring the Captain that storms off with no regret, no feeling—nothing.

"Why?" The Officer sobs, as his hand comes over her wound. She wouldn't make it—she had already lost too much blood to begin with, now she would surely die. Her eyes met with his for the last time, captivating his heart yet again as she choked out her last words.


Her head limply falls to the side and her eyes are open to the horizon line. The Officer turns his teary eyes to the horizon line as well, and is greeted by the sunrise overcoming the dark rain clouds. Vibrant, warm colours of pink, purple, red, orange and yellow spill across the sky, and the sun glows through the murky dawn, outlining the hopeless dark clouds with brilliant gold—slowly engulfing the clouds and the entire sky in pure blazing light.

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." - John 16: 33