Eternal Sky

In majestic nights, filled with wonder,

The horizon between Heaven and Earth is torn asunder.

Up above, I hear the shouts of empty space;

The infinite lights scattered with tacit grace.

I want to see their cryptic directions,

I want to be unbound from this cycle of resurrection.

That view, so brilliantly composed, warms my languid soul;

I silently stand, my icy face touched by its breath.

This world's people, eyes gleaming with the same veracity,

Their spirits filled with a renewed sense of audacity.

One stray gaze cast away from uncertainty,

One life, anchored to final eternity.

I envision a flow of life in the night sky,

When the lights are etched upon our empty veins.

I imagine the cautious footsteps,

Where the elegant void so patiently awaits.

Let us escape from the prison of binding circumstance,

Let us dream about that bold expanse.