"Come on Kate, you can do it!" I cheer on my little sister as she slowly lifts herself from the wheelchair with the help of her doctor and steadies on her two legs. She beams at my father and I proudly and all I thought of was how far she had come from that day of the fire two years ago.

A day after I reported Rose and Avery at the police station, the doctor announced that they might've found a way to save Kate. They amputated her left arm that could not be used anymore and did a high risk surgery on the nerves in the back of her neck. When they came out of the surgery room and announced that she made it I was overfilled with joy. Ever since then Kate has been healing, her burns were treated and her bones are getting stronger every day.

I'm 18 now, and Luke is my boyfriend of two years. Avery and Rose were just recently released from jail, and that was when we found out they were in a relationship too. The insurance paid for our house and belongings lost in the fire but Rose's family gave just a bit of extra money to us. In less than a month our house was rebuilt the same way it had always been on its pretty little meadow. As for the extra money from Rose's family, Dad surprised me with my very own car and the money I need to go to college next year. I got accepted into Eastern Michigan University along with Luke and surprisingly Rose and Avery.

Dad recently married Andrea Groser, whom I love already as a mother. She takes care of Kate and me and is the nicest person on the planet. Kate is extremely excited because our new baby sister is on the way. Andrea says her name will be Carissa. Dad also bought "Ed's Hardware" before it was about to foreclose due to the previous owner's lack of paying the bills. He is now the owner and rehired Ronald Houger as the head manager.

The house fire was a tragic incident, something I will never forget. But I know that now there are good times ahead. Some days the clouds will roll in and the rain will take the sun's place, but I can always overcome it. I will stay strong through my journey in life because, based on the quote in the police station, this is the new beginning.

The End

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