It's what you've done.

You slowly lost touch, and I sincerely wish you hadn't.

It's so hard to not know how you're doing anymore!

You were my friend.

Is your Mom still hard on you?

Does your brother still call you names?

Is your world still crumbling apart, day by day?

Do you still have Sun Chips for breakfast every Saturday morning for writing inspiration?

And even though it took me an eternity to accept that you're not coming back,

I still want you to.

I want to spend hours again talking about nothing.

Those are my favorite conversations.

I want you to be reading this,

Because I want you to be here.

But secretly, I don't want you reading this.

Because if you knew that I really cared like I do,

It would be so embarrassing.

I wouldn't live it down.

But I hope, that wherever you are,

That you're okay.

And just remember,

God is always with you,

And just so you know,

The Red Citic Sandflies have yet to sting me.

All of it true. About a really close friend who I now haven't talked to in months.

And in case you're lost, yes that last line was an inside joke