Okay so yeah, just so all of you lovely people know, I just sold copyright and all publishing rights of this story! It's an incredibly rough draft, but someone wanted it and who was I to refuse? So I had to take it off, sorry! I just wanted to let y'all know so you weren't like okay why did this weird asian randomly take off her story when she said she'd keep it? Now you all know so you can't freak out at me! :D Anywaayysssss I love you all! Have a lovely day(:

I'm terribly sorry to Tanya, but I had to take it down): if you want to pm me I can just tell you what happens? Sorry again/:

To anyone still looking at this, sorry for any disappointment, but you can read my other story on here by clicking on my profile! It's called True or False? and I think it's better anyway soooooo okay I love you bye(: