The rain poured heavily from the dark sky above, the moon was nowhere in sight. In a small village in Italy, A young man and his mother stood in front of the podium as the village's yearly sacrifice was taking place. The young man being the eldest of two took his brothers spot, he hated the villagers rules, but he knew it was either him or his younger brother Dante. He looked at the large painting of a pale woman with red hair and yellow eyes staring down at him.

His mother looked at him and said," Don't worry Raven, Lady Rosalyn will grant you eternal rest and riches for taking your brothers place. She is a merciful vampire that is why we follow behind her and love her so."

Raven looked at his mother and then at the old women who now stood centimeters in front of him she said loudly," My children we are here for the bravery of this young man, Raven Salvatore. He has willingly volunteered to take the place of this young lad," She pointed Dante who was looking at the ground. " And for his efforts Lady Rosalyn will treat his family with riches beyond their wildest dreams," She looked at Raven and asked," Are you ready my son?"

Raven shrugged his shoulder and replied," Whatever, of course does it really matter rather the fact I am ready or not priestess...Death has no time it comes and goes and I am embracing it I could care less what the outcome."

Raven walked up the rocky steps to the cave having no time for second thoughts or regrets as the rock covered the only exit, he sat in the darkness and awaited his death. As he sat in the darkness the only sound was water dripping somewhere in the background. He felt chills as he sighed, the outside was cold but this cave was colder than death, he lay on his side, curling up, closing his eyes, as he soon fell asleep.

When he was starting to awake he heard the cracking of a fire, he opened his eyes and looked at it he wondered was he dead? Was the fire a hallucination? Was someone else in here with him if so why didn't he see them when he came in? And another thing how long was he asleep? He extended his hands to warm them to reveal that the fire was indeed real; this was a very small cave he could see that he was the only person there and the rock hadn't been moved.

He heard a voice from behind him say," Raven Salvatore, I have watched you grow since you were a child I knew this day would come that you would come to me."

He looked and saw the woman from the picture in the church, he felt his heart beat faster he said trying to hide his fear," You came to kill me, take my soul. Go ahead and do it I'm unarmed my last request is that you leave Dante be."

The red haired woman replied," Calm down my little bird your brother and village will be alright now if your mother would have given you to me when I commanded it none of that yearly sacrifice would have happened I wanted to raise you and have you as my lover, it was your mothers fault that your brother's life was in danger."

Raven looked at her and asked," Why would you want me?"

Rosalyn continued to glance at him as she said," Because you have everything I don't have; innocence, compassion, and a beating heart that I can hear when I go to sleep."

Raven asked," Couldn't you have that with your other victims?"

The vampire looked at him and laughed," Silly little child I'm very picky with my mates, I'm only loyal to you. I've waited a long time for you, you're the only one I will let in my bed."

The black haired male looked at her as she bent down to him and said once more," I can and will get you out of here if you agree to be my mate for as long as you live."

Raven looked at her and replied," Will Dante be safe?"

Rosalyn said," Yes and I will help you watch over him and protect him if you wish, I have grown fond of Dante, it's your mother I can't stand."

Raven looked at her and then at the rock as he felt tears roll down his face, Rosalyn hugged him stroking his head as she listened to the pain of the fear of losing his brother.