Epilogue: Sad Farewells for the King of Vampire's

Raven lay on the bed, his eyes closed.

His human form slowly fading like a ghost in the night, he was too weak to sleep and hold his human form as well.

He faintly heard Dante say, "You all right, brother.

You're colder than a corpse."

Raven nodded his head, from the blood loss and sudden wave of pain he found words hard to escape his lips, he sensed Rosalyn's presence but she was downstairs.

He needed to feed he couldn't control the hunger that was clawing its way out, He jerked his eyes open, squeezing the covers thrashing around.

His vampire form now completely taken over, Dante backed away unable to believe this thing was his brother, the fact that hurt him the most was knowing that his brother was in the state he was in was because of him.

Dante ran to his brother and said, "Raven, I'm sorry! If you can hear me, tell me what you need."

Raven stopped thrashing looking at Dante his once yellow eye were crimson red, with lightning speed he was on top of Dante clawing at him trying to get to his neck to suck his blood, and then a hiss was heard as Raven went flying across the room and landed on a table of make-up.

Rosalyn said," You wish to feed, feed on someone who can handle your hunger, Raven.

You just reunited with your brother you don't want to lose him permently do you, my beloved bird?"

Raven stood up charging at Rosalyn picking her up by the neck slamming her against the wall as the two of them landed into the hallway, crashing through the rails of the steps and to the first floor marble floor.

Rosalyn threw him to the couch, staggering up.

She saw as he got up and got his sword out its holder on his belt.

He said coming to himself, "Take care of Dante, teach him better than I could be the lover to him that you where to me, that is my last request.

I don't wish for this power of a vampire, not if everything I worked is going to die with me when I become one, I ask for another favor grant me these two wishes and I will rest eternally wipe my memory and past from Dante don't speak of me around him and never perform anymore sacrifices, my brother will be a loyal lover to you as I was before him."

Raven stabbed himself in the heart, not even Rosalyn's fast speed could stop him in time.

She held him in her arms sinking to her knees taking the sword from her lover's heart throwing it to the side screaming holding him burring her head in his chest.

She heard footsteps seeing Dante, she said between sobs, "He's gone."

Dante looked at her bending down beside her, wrapping his arm around her looking at the man that was slowing fading from his memory.