I am your cradle and your grave
I am birth yet I am coffin
I am both Problem and Solution
I am beyond Life and Death
I am Pleasure and I am Pain
I am mausoleum and sanctum
I am Sorrow and Joy
I am Hate and Respect
I am Fear and Love
I am near
I am within you
I am farther even than the stars yet closer than the heart
I am your mind and I am within your mind
I am your heart and I am within your heart
I am your soul and I am the captor of your soul
I am your Guardian
I am your Abductor
I am Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Son, Daughter, Lord
I am All
I am Nothing
I mean nothing to you and yet I am everything to you
I am the Keeper of Worlds
I am the Keeper of Time
I am Keeper, of All
I am Destroyer
I am the beginning and I am the end
I am your beginning
I will be your end


I am the Omnipotence in the world, holding all ties and bonds together as sinew and forcing capitulation into the hearts of the most valiant men. I am the end of this place, and yet so was I the birthing. It is I who spurned the existence of those of this planar level, and I shall so be the termination. Yet, I will be the accouchement of a new era; an era in which the subjects are bound to me anew. An era of everlasting and unending adoration and adulation. An era in which I am once again Sire and Offspring. A world in which I have conquered all.


You shall render your soul unto me.

I shall consume you.

You will become of me, as you once were, spawn returning to Master.

You will be naught but the rogue drop of water returning to the ocean, not moving it, the ocean uncaring and unstirred. You will be as insignificant as a droplet once again, and we will cherish the moment when Man returns to his place:

Beneath the Gods.


We come to this world in hopes of bringing peace. Peace, perhaps, but never answers. We only bring what may calm the turbulence in man's heart. To give answers and to give help is something we may not do. It is against the Totus Pater and His edicts. Man must give unto himself the glory of the Kingdom, and Dei must not deliver.