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'this' means thoughts
"This" means talking between Tenemorphs when they're in animal form (and my quotes at the beginning of each chapter)
"This" means regular speech
'This' means Tenemorph talking to animal, or animal talking to animal.

"…each of us has a destiny that sets us all apart. The path is different for you and me, but the journey begins in the heart." Balto 2: Wolf Quest (and I really got this from the end of a song my friend BuddyGoogle uploaded for me on YouTube)

Chapter 1: The Things We Do...

The long, sleek, silver limousine sped across the wooded forests of Montana. Inside the limo, a silent man dressed like a butler drove, keeping his eyes on the road. In the back of the limo, another man sat next to a young woman. The man looked and held himself like a lord or maybe royalty. He wore a very expensive-looking red and black suit, and he wore a Rolex watch with a dragon symbol engraved on the side. He wore black sunglasses that also had the dragon symbol engraved on them. On his arm, stretching down past his wrist and on the back of his hand, was a tattoo of the same dragon symbol.

The young woman was the opposite of the man. She had her head bowed submissively, her shoulders hunched over. Her clothes were inexpensive, cheap even; an old T-shirt with a wolf on the front and ripped blue jeans. She had long auburn-brown hair that turned silvery when the light caught it, and she had silvery-grey eyes. The only thing that was similar about the two was the tattoos. But while the man's was a dragon, the young woman's tattoo was of a running wolf, intricate down to the fur and the lines in its silver eyes. The young woman's name was Colette, and she was seventeen.

Colette looked out the window, wondering how she had gotten into this situation. She had only wanted to save the poor boy. But everything had compounded, and now she was in a whole other country, miles away from her family, not knowing what was going to happen to her. She winced as she was pulled into a flashback.


Running. She was running across the wide fields of grass, barking and yipping excitedly with the other young Wolves. She leapt atop Erik and wrestled him to the ground before jumping away. Erik barked a laugh and ran at her, trying to keep up. But she left him behind easily, being a female. She reached the top of a hill and looked down at him, panting, eyes full of delight. Then someone jumped on her from behind, forcing her to her belly. She barked in displeasure and fought back, twisting around to see Laya, her black-furred friend. She whined happily.

Then a wail stopped the Wolves' play-fighting. They all looked up, ears pricked and eyes narrowing. The sound repeated itself, obviously the sound of a human in great pain. The Wolves looked at each other and immediately ran towards the sound. They ventured into the forest, ears and noses pricked for signs of danger and the human. They found the little boy in a clearing. Many other Wolves had circled the clearing curiously. The boy had obviously been dreadfully mauled by some creature, perhaps an irritated bear… or, heaven forbid, one of the Wolves.

Colette had forced herself to the front, concentrating on the boy. She couldn't bear to see another creature in pain. She trotted forward, ignoring the warning growls of her companions. Many sets of eyes watched her as she neared the child. The boy looked at her with fear, still moaning in pain softly. She looked him in the eyes gently, and he seemed to calm a little. She concentrated on the boy's wounds. She had never done something of this magnitude before; but she just couldn't bear to see the boy die.

She meditated, concentrating on the feel of the matter in the world around her. She felt the skin and flesh and sinews in the boy's wounds. She forced them to work for her, taking matter from their surroundings and manipulating it, healing the boy's wounds. Slowly the cuts and gashes closed, forming new skin, and the boy regained some color, blood returning to where it had been lost. Soon there was no indication that the boy had ever been attacked. Colette collapsed from exhaustion, panting and writhing in pain as her body punished her for using so much power at once.

There was a shimmer as the boy changed, growing larger. His skin became scaly and his five fingers were reduced to four claws. Wings shot out of his back, and his face elongated. Soon the transformation was complete: he had been a Dragon in disguise, testing the newest generation of Wolves for an Affinity User. And he had found one. Colette, even in the midst of her agony, cursed herself for falling for the Dragon's trick.

"Well, my young Wolf, it would seem that you have proven yourself. It has been a very long time since a Wolf has been an Affinity User," the Dragon said, sounding pleased with himself.

Colette snarled, baring her teeth. "I won't leave my pack!" She growled. The Dragon glared at her with sharp green eyes.

"You know you have no choice in the matter, Wolf." Several Wolves walked forward, surrounding Colette. Now that she knew what she was looking for, she recognized the wolves around her as not being true Wolves. They each had a bare spot on their right forepaws, where the faint outline of a dragon could be seen if examined hard enough.

Colette groaned, losing all control and changing back into a human. She lay shivering on the forest floor, her Wolf tattoo shining and burning her. She felt the eyes of Erik upon her. She looked up and saw that his eyes were full of dismay. Laya looked astonished, and more than a little betrayed.

She had never told either of them, knowing that it kept them safe. She had hidden her abilities so that she could stay in the pack, here with her family. But she'd had to be the hero; now the Dragons would take her back to their country: the U.S.A. Colette dreaded leaving behind Europe and all she had ever known.


The man beside her said something, pulling Colette back to the present. She looked up, feeling embarrassed. "I'm sorry, sir? I was lost in thought," she said politely.

The man did not look happy to be repeating himself. "I said, we are nearing our destination. We should be at the Academy within ten minutes. In the meantime, I'd suggest getting your head out of the clouds, mutt!" Colette flinched at the thinly veiled insult.

Being at the bottom of the social pyramid of the ten Tenemorph Clans, Colette knew what to expect when she got to the Academy. Though she would be respected for her abilities outside the Academy, inside it would be the same as the rest of her life. Schools did have social pyramids themselves, didn't they? Not that Colette knew for herself; her mother had homeschooled Colette and her younger sister Sidney.

Colette looked out the window as the trees cleared and the limousine pulled up to giant golden gates surrounded by strong stone walls. A woman flanked by two men, almost like bodyguards, circled the vehicle, sniffing and narrowing her eyes at the vehicle. After a couple rounds around the car, the woman looked up at the gates and nodded. The gates opened and the limousine pulled through, and Colette caught her first glimpse of the Academy.

It was unlike anything she'd ever seen before, and that was saying something, having traveled the whole of Europe with her Clan. The Academy seemed to have been built with respect to all cultures. It looked mostly like a huge castle, with turrets and columns and everything you could think of. Colette could see winding, circling stairs around some of the buildings, and then wide, swooping staircases near the entrances. There were bridges connecting different stories and in some places, Colette could just make out the faint blue glow of teleporting stations.

She looked at the Academy with a sense of awe and not just a little bit of trepidation and fear. The vehicle slowed to a stop, and Colette was ordered to get out. She and the man exited the limousine, which sped away. The man began to walk, ordering her to follow him. She did; easily losing herself in the winding corridors and mazelike architecture of the Academy. The air seemed to be getting colder, so she assumed that they were traveling to the depths of the Academy.

Finally the man stopped before two great double doors with intricate woodworking. Colette let herself examine the door, curious of the designs. It seemed to tell a story; she could see Tenemorphs in mid-transformation and in several pictures animals were fighting against each other. 'That must have been the Great War.' Colette thought to herself. Every Tenemorph knew the story well, having been taught from birth the story.

It was a great story to tell; full of adventure and romance and horror; enough to suit anyone's interest. It was the beginning of the Tenemorphs, after all. Colette was shaken out of her thoughts when the man knocked on the door in a strange series of knocks, sounding like a password of sorts, or maybe a means of communication.

Another series of rapid knocks followed from the other side of the door, and the man gave Colette an unpleasant sneer. "Go in; they'll deal with you now," he said rudely before abruptly turning on his heel and leaving. Colette gulped nervously as the door opened, and she walked into the room.

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