Medusa's Story

This is not a happy story. It will not have a happy ending nor will it have a happy beginning and it will most definitely not have a happy center. For my own beauty led to my downfall, I brought myself down and I became an outcast.

You see, I am Medusa. The daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, granddaughter of Gaia and Okeanos, the Goddess of the Earth and the God of the Ocean. My parents are Titans but I am mortal and my sisters are not.

My life was perfect before the curse, I'm sure you've heard the story. I was beautiful and selfish. Out of all the women in the land of Athens, I had the longest shiniest brown hair. I had the fairest skin. I had the prettiest eyes. And I had the perfect life.

Many men came to court me, asking for my hand in marriage but I turned them all down. I was young and naïve; I didn't know what I wanted. I thought I was too pretty for them, that I was too pretty for anyone at all. My sisters told me I was stuck up but I never believed them.

All the women in Athens were jealous of me. Jealous of me. I thought I was special because each and every one of them envied me. I treated them like the dirt I walked on, and they treated me with an unspoken respect. At the time, I thought everyone worshipped me. That each woman would bow down in respect if I had asked them too. But now I realize that they would have rather spit on me and walked all over me instead.

My sisters are Stheno and Eurayle; they weren't as beautiful as me, in fact not even close. I considered them to be ugly. But we all lived in Athens together and there was nothing I could do about it. I can't change the past.

One day, my oldest sister Stheno forced me to go to the Goddess Athena's temple to pray and ask for forgiveness because of my selfishness. I didn't want to nor did I believe I had to but she forced me and so I went.

When I had gotten there, many thoughts about how much better of a subject I would have been for the sculptures and paintings in the temple crossed my mind. For I was much prettier than Athena and I surely deserved a temple dedicated for my own beauty.

I stayed at the temple the whole day, spending most of my time thinking snide remarks about Athena and her temple. And when night came, I became the only one left in the temple. I hadn't noticed that everyone left; I was too busy admiring myself in the polished marble of the Athena sculpture.

The God Poseidon had decided to pay me a visit, my beauty attracting him. He ravished me that night, leaving me marked permanently in a way that I could never forget or fix. The only thing I could have offered to my husband was now gone.

When people think of me and my story, they always look past this very important part of the story. They always forget that I was a rape victim and that I felt the same pain that any human could have felt. I am mortal you know. I felt the same dirtiness and disgust for myself as any other person would have felt.

I went home that night, keeping what had happened that night a secret until Athena came to pay me a visit the next day. She was very angry, her eyes a dark color that was undistinguished and her body shaking in fury. She told me that I had violated her temple, letting Poseidon ravish me (which of course was not true) and think that I was prettier and worth more than the mighty Goddess Athena. And she told me that I was banished from her sacred temple and that I deserved the humiliation.

My response was that Athena was just jealous of my beauty and longed to be as special and wonderful as I. This accusation ruined my life and I often think about what would have happened if I had obeyed Athena without talking back.

Athena cast a curse upon me, replacing my long brown locks with scaly vicious snakes of all sizes and species, turning my legs into one long snake tail with a talon on the end. My skin became scaly and translucent, a bit slimy and slippery but I felt complete terror at my transformation. I cried out when I looked at myself in the mirror, clawing at my tail, my skin and my hair in horror.

I asked her what she did to me and Athena responded by telling me that she had made me so ugly that when someone looked me in the eyes that they would be turned to stone. Of course, I didn't believe her because such a thing would be impossible but it was true. The very moment I slithered out into the streets, people were turning my way, shock evident in their eyes at my transformation but then that shock was permanently etched into their faces as they froze over in stone.

I cried for myself and ran away from the city of Athens, hiding my now hideous self in a cavern of some sort with burning hot lava flowing underneath the cracked and destroyed stone floor and marble pillars that had tumbled down into crumbling piles. I had started living there, mourning my loss of my beauty.

But then warriors started visiting, attempting to kill me with weapons, claiming that I was a demon that deserved to be killed. I had believed them but my desire for revenge on mankind had grew and burned brightly so I fought back, turning each and every one of them into stone without a second thought.

After a year or two, I had come close to facing death more than enough times and figured that I would need to learn how to use a weapon. I chose the bow and arrow, thinking that it was sort of ironic that I was using the weapon of my enemy, Athena.

The bow and arrow became my specialty, and I dared to say out loud that I was better than Athena but she didn't bother to pay me another visit. After a couple more years living in my imprisonment, I had come to accept my body and ugliness and all the men that had come to slay me. I welcomed them, enjoying the look of shock, terror or horror on their stricken faces as I looked them in the eyes and their fleshy skin turned to hard stone.

On the last day of my existence, a man named Perseus, the son of Poseidon, a demigod, and a group of his warriors had come to slay me. I wanted to laugh at them and Perseus' faith in them. He was the son of Poseidon and how I longed to sink my talon into his stomach, to scratch his sea blue eyes out with my claws and to let him take a good long look at my eyes.

I killed them off one by one, letting Perseus know that I was coming for him. I noticed he was using a peculiar sword and shield that I had never seen before but I didn't take precautions, attacking him with such rage and fury that I didn't notice that Perseus was watching me in his shield.

It wasn't until it was too late that I realized he could see me until his sword sliced clean through my neck, my head rolling off of my body and tumbling across the broken floor until it stopped, my snakes not moving and my eyes frozen forever. My body twitched, still trying to attack Perseus but it fell off the edge and into a pool of lava, burning up and ending me forever.

I watched, my body a ghost, as Perseus covered my head with a bag, taking it back to Athens to save the city from the Kraken. Perseus succeeded, becoming a hero and leaving me in the dust even though it was my head and my ugliness that had turned the monster to stone.

After the Kraken had been destroyed, Perseus gave my head to Athena where it now rests on her shield.

I died with a broken soul, whether I was selfish or not, I was broken. And no one could ever fix me because I was ugly. But it was my own fault, though I did not know the consequences, I should not have been disrespectful to my Gods nor anyone else. And for that, I paid the price.

This story did not have a happy ending nor did it have a happy beginning. And it most definitely did not have a happy center.

This was just a little idea that popped into my head about Medusa. I was thinking about her since I watched the Medusa scene in Clash of the Titans (remake) and thought, how does Medusa feel? Does she like killing people with one look or is an imprisonment? So I decided to write about her.

I looked up different versions of Medusa's myth and how she came to be and I sort of morphed them all together to make my version. If something is misspelled or wrong please tell me because I know there are different ways to spell the names.

And if you wish to picture Medusa's lair or her body better, please check out the Clash of the Titans (remake) scene with her, that's what inspired me.

Thanks for reading! Please tell me what you think!