There's no other way to put it. I was so dead. Why? Well…

"Wee! Woo!"

"Wee! Woo!"

Does that answer your question?

I had been running for my life ever since I could remember. I was six when the assassination happened. Both my parents were killed and I saw the whole thing.

From that day on, I became homeless. Alone in the world. Unhappy. But I knew in my heart that I had to survive. And survive I did.

I went from taking scraps from outside restaurant tables, to digging in the dumpsters and trash bins, even fighting dogs in the alleyways- sometimes even eating them.

In the end, I turned out alright. It's been ten years since I'd been on my own and I had enjoyed every minute of it. I've even made a name for myself, "The Red-eyed Bandit." No? Well, I guess it could use some work, but the name doesn't mean anything. Surviving does.

In the ten years that I'd been on my own, I've done anything to survive. And I do mean anything. When I was eight I killed a man just to get the large pepperoni pizza he was carrying. At thirteen I killed a woman by throwing a screwdriver through her head when she tried to take the necklace that was around my neck- it was my mother's – plus my chili dog that I had 'borrowed' from a nearby hotdog stand.

But tonight, it was different. I didn't kill for food this time. Instead I killed in cold blood. No one important I assure you. He was just from the secret service-no big deal. And he wasn't even my main objective.

My main objective…the President of the United States-Jennifer Montgomery. But of course, that didn't end well.

Now, because of my plan, I had every cop, FBI Agent, Marine, National Guard, hell, even the Coast Guard on my tail. I really messed up this time.

Note to self: think before acting!

As I ran through the streets of Washington D.C. my legs began to grow sluggish and my breath soon came in ragged gasps. I could hear the sirens closing in, but I knew that I didn't have the energy to run anymore. So I made the decision I never hoped I make. I had to give up.

Stopping in-between the streets of Broadway and Pierson, I sat on the curb and waited my fate.

As the flashing red and blue lights surrounded me, I looked up at the night sky and made a vow. No matter what happens from here on out, I will be strong and never give up.

Rough hands grabbed my arms, twisted them behind me, and then slapped the handcuffs on my wrists. I was then dragged into the cop car. I knew that as soon as the car started my life was going to change . for the better I hoped.

My name is Ashlyn Stone. I'm sixteen years of age with black shoulder-length hair and piercing red eyes. Now how 'bout you guess where I'm going. If you guessed a looney facility, then I believe you're close.

I'm actually going to a hell-hole they call Federal Prison. Boy, isn't that a surprise. Well, I guess there's only one thing left to say.

Welcome to my life.