The Black Butterfly

by Timefather67

"I am death, I am no human, I am no monster, I am just being that you imagine when you die." -The Reaper of Timefather64

The butterfly's is torn on the ground.

The poor bug is trying to move around.

It's in pain as if it was burning in flames.

Am I the only one here who's to blame?

My cold hearted grin forms upon my face.

The demons, angels, and even the divines already knows their place.

Whenever I waltz and stride down the cold desolated lane.

Souls will be gathered, taking a trip to the afterlife suddenly insane.


I am no killer or a savior.

My life and death isn't revolve around my behavior.

My cold touch upon your skin...

Will make you into something you have never been.

Well even if you are dead or reposed, you still have to go.

Now, now, I am not moving slow on your own death show.

My deep laugh will echo in the night.

It's a sign, not warning, but a sign that someone will die tonight.

It's my job to watch and get you all.

I am not bound to this place and I have no master as you would call...

I am my own master, I am not evil or good as my victims had misunnderstood at all.

I am the Black Butterfly, I would allow you to all applaud.

That is if you can all stay alive after all.

The End.