By Timefather67

Lying flat on your back, on the ground.

Covered in blood and wounds, while grinning, like a clown.

Purification does not exist for you, so where do you go?

The answer to that question is unknown, causing your heart to still remain cold.

The gods such as Amatarasu, Odin, Samedi, and Hades had defeated you.

But that smile on your face that confuses these divine beings is one big huge clue.

When a devil smiles, something in the world was completed.

So when you fell to the ground, you made them believe you and your plans were defeated.

Immune to both sins and virtues is a gift.

Others will object to this because they cannot lift,

The fact that you're existence is that of the non-creation.

But that you are the personification of everything in which, has no salvation.

You have no master or creator which leaves another…

Of your existence is what makes every divine being shudders.

Now you get up from the ground.

Now all the divine beings know that you'll never go down…

Xublitzarath the demon that wears a blood covered crown.

The End.