A Comphrensive History of Rutilus Insula

Written by Joanna L. Fischer

Date Published: September 21st 2012

In year x, people from Greece landed in what is known to be today as Rutilus Insula. The Greek named it Red Island, after the red pools of water. There was some debate over naming the island, because one choice of name was Red Island, and another choice was Long Horn Island, after the tips of the island.

In the early 25 years, the settlers made the island suitable. They built plantations of fruit trees, farms for herbs, and a farm for sea salt harvesting. After they got settled in properly, the few people who had contributed greatly to building the island, decided to form the Spurcities Monarchy. The Royal Family ruled for a hundred and a half years, before the recent members turned the Monarchy into a Tryanny. During the reign of King Francis DeBauch the first, the king separated the land into three districts, the farming district, products district, and the living district. King Francis also made the currency the Pervian New Sol.

But however, the peace was not allowed to last. King Francis the third was a tyranist. He imposed unjust taxes, working laws, and made women and children work for no pay, and for long hours in the factories. In the few years before the Great War, the people started little uprisings, and rebel groups. The war began when the ANBU Black Ops stormed a meeting of a rebel group.

The war lasted for three years, but it was a bloody and gruesome war. The main weapons of the ANBU were swords, and shields, and for the opposing side, were knives, slingshots, and swords. King Francis the third named the opposers the Rebellium, Latin for The Rebels.

Finally, King Francis the third surrendered, and was executed as the punishment. The result was lasting years of peace, with the occasion riots from surviving members of the monarchy. The Constitiution was written, and a new era was ushered in, the Golden Age, some people would say. Industrial products like furniture, Herbal teas, and health products were on the rise.

Well there is no excuse for me being gone for a few months. I was super busy, and had no time to concentrate on this. The same thing with my fanfiction account. I bet you'd be glad to know that I'm getting my arse of the metaphorical couch and working more on writing stories. I also have a lot more free time on my hands after I switched schools. But the sad thing is about switching, is that the school I transferred out of, I went for 8 years of my life. But the school wasn't good for me. So yeah... Anyways back to the topic at hand. I will be doing a series for geography, as this is the first part. Basically this is my homework. And I will be trying to update sooner than I was doing before. Hopefully. Yeah. So see you next update :). \