Please READ!

I in no way, mean to offend those of religious faith, nor those without.

Please accept this is my point of view. I am open to criticism and debate but not to flames.

Looking back to my childhood, my parents gifted me with the most precious gift. They did not force me to choose in what religion to believe in or not to believe in. In terms of religion in my life, my father is a staunch Greek Christian Orthodox, my mom who although was raised with some religious influence is for the most part agnostic. My current newfound stance, which reconciles religion and science, is best explained through how I arrived at it. Skip to paragraph three if you want to just read up on my stance, but it is best if you understood how I arrived there.

Growing up, I did believe in some force. But not exactly due to religion. Organized religion existed in Greece, it is practically a requirement in all public schools. For instance we had to do the wine tasting, the blood of Christ, which tasted awful to me and is why I am not an alchoholic. We even prayed every morning with the Lord's Prayer. My first grasp at something supernatural was on a tragic note, I was a pretty ignorant child back then, focused on living a happy life. Plain and simple, my dog got hit by a car. Instantly killed. It was never quite explained to me where he went.

So I made up he went to the moon. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but I honestly believed it. Then it's when I started paying attention to my Christian classes. Learning about the death of Christ and Heaven, the Trinity, and that Easter (I think Easter is the English equivalent of Pasxa) was not about dyeing the eggs red. That was my first stage of my life, where I was religious in the sense I believed in a force beyond me, mostly ignoring the facets of any actual major religion.

Then came my parent's divorce. I moved to USA with my mom and my younger brother. Due to the fact I was removed from my Greek schooling, and that my mom was not very religious, I ended up without encouragement in any particular religion. I stayed pretty ignorant religious wise up till high school. It was late for me to pick any sort of real concrete belief, be it agnosticism or orthodox Christian, because it was sort of a stigma to be religious in my home. But I did pick up a belief.

In my high school years, a sort of nagging feeling came to me. Although I was an agnostic leaning atheist, I was not satisfied to simply dismiss religion. I actually took up the Greek Holy Bible and read it. I was disappointed and shocked with some of the messages in there, being able to sell your daughter, stoning was allowed for adultery, slavery was allowed, and even genocide was being permitted! However, I appreciated messages such as the "Golden Rule". I thought about the content of the Bible in terms of history, and found that some of the less savory messages followed history.

No pig eating, because historically preservatives were not as common (not to mention refrigerators were non-existent!). Noah's Ark must have been a terrible flood, maybe the Nile River overflowed. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah perhaps attributed to fire. Through them all, I concluded that the Bible is more of a reflection of our developing moral compass. As a result, I think of the Bible as a history, I think of God as the personal compass within Humanity. The personal God. But I separate God, for the Ancient of Days. While God of the Bible, has many names, all Holy, such as Jehovah (frequently used by those of Jewish faith), God, Yahweh etc etc.

I separate because the one who caused the Big Bang, be it a tiny particle, a slip of energy, some dark matter, they or it are or is the Ancient of Days. There is also the possibility, and my current thoughts, that after our Universe stops expanding and then contracts to a single point, that a Big Band is triggered. This is why I prefer the giving the title "The Ancient of Days", to whom ever triggered the event because the previous Universe inhabitants and the Universe itself perhaps are our Ancients.

In regards to the Afterlife. I think, in effect, we poof, in terms of mind that is. I have read that roughly every ten years or so our bodies have changed every single portion, every atom. We will always be in some form in another person, or thing or another species of animal. Not as a sentient being, but yes one day you and I might be on another planet!

In conclusion, I am I guess a Secular Christian, in where God is the manifested Moral Compass and drawn from Humanity's history, inherent in us all, while the Ancient of Days is the very thing or person that sparked our universe to come to being.