This was another assignment given by another teacher. The friend mentioned in here wanted me to post this, so I did. We wrote it together and I don't think it's the best we could of done, but she was proud of it. So I take partial blame if you don't like it. Anyway here's the story… Oh P.S- history or personality's of the gods/goddess maybe different from their normal ones.

"Prometheus, I do not care for your humanitarian ways! I have made up my mind and you will not change it!" Poseidon, the god of all seven seas, yelled in anger at Prometheus.

"But if you destroy that ship and it sinks it will just pollute your oceans even more." Prometheus argued in attempt to change the moody god's mind.

The sea god glared daggers at the peace loving titian son and Prometheus meet Poseidon's glare with one of his own. Poseidon growled, turned on his heels, threw his hands up in frustration and yelled, "You have not and will not change my mind! I will sink that ship!"

"But Poseidon…" Prometheus started but was cut off by Poseidon.

"Enough! I shall do as I please! Now leave!" Poseidon ordered.

Prometheus did as he was told but he would not let Poseidon kill innocence lives. So he left and ran to go find Hermes.

Prometheus found Hermes, the messenger of the gods, in one of the halls of Mount Olympus. The god of forethought told the messenger to send word to one of the passengers on the ship, that was sailing toward Aegea also known as Poseidon's home, that Poseidon was going to sink the vessel because of its waste being dumped into the ocean and that the passenger was to save the residents aboard the ship. Agreeing, Hermes flew off.

"Come on, girl, wake up." Hermes had arrived at the ship, found the passenger Prometheus specified, and he gently shook the girl awake.

"Huh?" The girl asked confused as to why she was just woken up so early.

"Come on a matter of great importance." Hermes said "I bring an urgent message from the god of forethought, Prometheus. Poseidon is very angered by this ship dumping it's cargo waste in the ocean so close to Aegea, Poseidon's home."

The messenger stopped upon seeing the girl's wide eyed and slightly scared expression.

"We haven't got all night!" Hermes snapped "Get up and tell the captain of this so you all may escape!"

The girl nodded and jumped up, unsure if she was dreaming or not. She hurriedly put on some jeans and shoes, and then headed out to the quarter deck.

Seeing the girl oblige his command, Hermes flew back to Mount Olympus.

Teiaria, the girl's name, looked back to see if the messenger god had followed her. He hadn't and seeing he didn't she turned down a different hallway and opened a door to her best friend's living quarters.

Teiaria shook Bailey, her best friend, awake and told her about what Hermes' message.

So, together, the two teens rushed to the quarter deck to alert the captain and the rest of the crew to the upcoming danger.

The deck crew were either laughing or stating that we had too much sugar before bed and dreamed it, but the ship's captain looked at the teens with a serious gaze. He believed in the gods and their powers. So if Prometheus had sent the warning than he would heed it. The captain silenced his mean and ordered a ship wide evacuation. The deck crew looked dumbfounded before the captain barked, "Now!" The mean immediately jumped to the task of waking passengers, unloading life vests, and uncovering life boats. The captain thanked both teens and went about his duties helping with the evacuations. Unknown to everyone the brim of a rogue wave could be seen just beyond the horizon.

The ship was 94 percent evacuated by the time the tidal wave hit the starboard side causing the vessel to violently flop onto it's larboard side, busting port windows out and snapping one of the three stacks. The lights flicked once, and then ceased to existed, leaving the ones still trapped inside in a world of darkness.

Poseidon wasn't done taking his revenge, though, as he smacked his trident into the dark water another wave caused the ship to execute two barrel rolls before stopping. Finally satisfied Poseidon returned to the ocean deep.

It was dark, was the first thought that came to Bailey's foggy mind as she tried to stand up. The second was, where's Teiaria?

The two teens had been some of the final six percent not evacuated because they wanted to make sure every passenger escaped. They had nearly reached their goal, and then the tidal wave hit and Poseidon's second wave dashed their hopes for any other survivors. This is why Bailey felt a surge of panic as she blindly searched for Teiaria.

"Teiaria!" Bailey called out "Teiaria! Where are you?"

No response came and Bailey called out again and again, only to be greeted with silence.

Until she heard a whispered, "Here."

"Teiaria! Say something again so I can locate you."

"I'm over here!" Teiaria coughed, and then said louder "Here!" I think I'm to your right!"

"Okay. Hang on. Keep talking so I can find you easier." Bailey replied as she made her way towards her friend's voice.

They were going to get out of here and they were going to live. Bailey felt a renewed sense of determination and hope. That is until she reached Teiaria and realized she was trapped under a collapsed wall, and not to mention the sound of rushing water.

The water was rising rapidly and Teiaria was having trouble keeping her head above the water as Bailey tried to lift the fallen rubble around Teiaria. Bailey was working fast and hard but still couldn't seem to clear enough to get Teiaria out.

"Teiaria, where's the water level now?" Bailey asked.

"To my chin" Teiaria replied.

Just as thoughts of the worst crossed both their minds a wave arose around them pushing the rubble off Teiaria and far away from them. They are shocked to see Asclepius but their internal drive to escape the cold water keeps them swimming for shore.

"Bailey I'm..." "What Bailey turns and looks at Teiaria only to see the water turning red around her. "You're bleeding what happened?" Bailey finds a deep gnash on Teiaria's leg, she ties a piece of her shirt around it and tries to help her to shore. They are so close to shore and thoughts that they will actually make it cross their minds. Just then the water turns colder and a huge wave crashes over them separating and tossing them to the sea floor. Bailey reaches the surface only to see the lifeless body of Teiaria and the angry face of Poseidon as he creates more waves of wrath.

Bailey reached Teiaria just as Asclepius brought her back to life and pushed them to shore. As they lay on the warm beach they could not help but realize how their lives were controlled not just by their will to live but by the Gods.