My first fic...enjoy! Dedicated to XerachiellaFlame

"Ooh! A pink balloon! Mine!" squealed Janessa. As she leaped from tree to tree, I was amazed at how quick she was. I was the balloon… not exactly THE balloon itself, no, that would be weird. I turned myself into a balloon to monitor children who may be exceptional … well, Janessa reminded me of myself when I was younger… not that I'm old… give me a break! I'm 12! You people must be sick if you consider 12 old! Anyway, my name is Ashley Reese, and…anyway, back to Janessa. Before she was able to grab me, I turned into a fairy. What? Don't girls like fairies? Well, Janessa loves fairies. She gasped. "A FAIRY! A REAL SUGAR PLUM FAIRY!". Whoa, I was not the Sugar Plum—uh-oh—I was the Sugar Plum Fairy…Yeah, so I told her, "Janessa, I'm Ashley—"

"MY BIRTHDAY GIFT!" she interrupted.

"Oh, It's your birthday? Okay wait, I need to get your present…"

"Okay, Sugar!"

I ran off quickly to the nearest restroom, turned back into a normal person, then ran back to Janessa. "Where's my present, Sugar?" Janessa asked, tearfully. "Aww, don't cry, here," I rummaged around my bag and found a tiara and a princess mirror. Wait, I couldn't give these away. These were my twin sister's toys. My twin sister, Vanessa, got lost in this particular beach when she—I mean we were about to turn 6. I looked back again at Janessa. I looked for the picture of Vanessa and me, just before she got lost.

"How old are you?" I asked Janessa.

"I'm turning 6 today!" she said.

My mind went blank. I absentmindedly gave the tiara and the mirror to Janessa.

"Thanks!" she said, as she ran back to her sandcastle at lightning fast speed.

Suddenly, I knew why I gave the things to Janessa. She was my long-lost sister. She had to be. But if she was my sister, she would be able to recognize me. I trudged back to my beach house, crashed into my bed, and fell into a deep sleep. It was a long, puzzling day after all.

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