I dreamed about my sister, Vanessa. We were strolling side by side as 12 year olds, only to be interrupted by Janessa. She whispered something to Vanessa. The two of them went to the restroom and in a minute only Vanessa came out. "Where's Janessa?" I asked. "Janessa? Sis, you must be dreaming, it's Vanessa!" she replied.

"Umm, Sugar?" Janessa poked me. I instantly woke up.

"AAHH! How did you get here?"

"I, uhh…teleported…it's a long story…I can't find my twin sister and my parents." She said tearfully. "Wait, you have a twin sister?" I asked. "Yeah, Ashley. You know what, a few weeks ago, we were messing with the computer, and we saw a website which will show you what you look like when you're older. Well, we set it to 12 years old, and here is what it looks like." She rummaged around her pocket for a picture.

"Wait—" I interrupted. "So you're saying, you have a twin named Ashley." I felt dizzy.

"Yeah! But now she's gone!" Janessa wailed. "Here's the picture." As she gave the picture to me, I felt a tingle of warmth. I realized I was holding a picture of me and my twin sister as 12 year olds, which was exactly what I looked like now. With shaking hands, I gave the picture back to Janessa.

"I think I know where your sister is…this might sound weird but, I am your twin sister."