I want to be a Man. (Focus on USA Gender Politics) Written at 3:48 Am. after some thinking.

Dear Reader, this a freeform essay in which I express frustration at being a woman. Despite my lack of choice in the matter on gender decision (Thank you god for putting me as the "lesser sex"). I still wish I was a guy every day of the week.

Please recognize the following essay is solely my opinion, with one paragraph being taken from a "internet meme" poster which provides a metaphor for rape victims and the repercussions of the comments made by a certain congressman and radio broadcaster.

The contents of the essay will focus primarily on the state of Gender Politics in the USA. Comments might be made to other countries for a comparison or additive to the essay.

I do not think, honestly I do not think that men understand quite how good they have it. I hope to enlighten men with some things, I as a female see.

(Spaces were removed)The poster can be found here: post /30934315502 /please-join-me-in-my-goal-to-ban-all-life-jackets #disqus_thread

Regardless of what you may hear, being a man is the best thing to happen to a person. Being a white male, even better.

I have heard from the very beginning, as a young girl, two stories. One, you must be a family person and the man being de facto boss, two, you should strive to be independent (but its okay if you fail). Personally, I am sick of both stories. I have declared, 'boy I wish I was a man". You, may ask, why?, especially if you are already a man. I answer to you, because of the current world and humans.

I would like to touch on an issue that has annoyed me before we move on.

Did you know biologically, everyone, starts as a girl? Therefore our silly tendency to use him, he before her is wrong. I would rather be the default pronoun, I dislike being insulted by everyone assuming a guy. I think I want to be a man.

Netherless, our ape forefathers decided that bonking females on the head and making them two legged beasts of burden society wise (be looked down upon and essentially removed from societal vocabulary i.e usage of mankind instead of humankind, I don't care what you say, 'man' has the connotation today of a male man than a female) and physically (carry the burden of life with no appreciation on the matter from men) being the way to go. Women were forced to be cattle and in some parts less than, through-out history, and even today the remnant of the old hierarchy lies within prostitution. Which sadly, apparently, a stigma for women but nothing much for the Johns. Sure, must be nice to be a man.

Overtime, men got around to listening to women, as though they grew sober from their drunken stupor of power. Not to mention, white men getting around to listening to other minorities, but alas that is not the topic for now. (Did you know at the end of the Civil War men such as Frederick Douglas who supported women's right, requested women put their suffrage rights on the back-burner to help the help preserve the new-found suffrage for many African Americans?)

Even with all the progression, and the careful illusion weaved that women are somehow equal to men now. It is not equal, especially in less developed countries, but also in developed ones. Despite the USA having signed the Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women, USA has never ratified it. It is much as the USA is saying, 'yeah sounds good, but uh not now', politically that is.

More so, man tries to destroy all advances made by women. Damning the feminist movement as anti-man.

Nowhere is this more evident, than in fields where men try to keep top dog, the face is equality for all, but under the hood? Not so. For instance: gaming communities. There is a reason why women are afraid to reveal their gender online; men have a pretty terrible potty mouth. The constant, "woman - stands for WEAK man!" and "go back to the kitchen whore/bitch/any other word you want to add in there" gets really old. I wish I was a guy so I wouldn't have to deal with this!

In the USA, women make .77 cents to a man's dollar. Before you cry, 'oh! But they must have a lower pay due to maternity leave!' I would like to butt in with a newsflash. WE ARE THE ONLY WESTERN COUNTRY THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE MATERNITY LEAVE! Even PAKISTAN requires 12 weeks at least! In fact, according to my handy dandy cheat sheet, in 2011 11% of private sector workers had access to paid maternity leave and public sector does not fare any better with 17%. It gets better half of workers who do give birth choose not to take maternity leave paid or unpaid. Well, gentlemen, where's the fairness now? I sure want to be a guy now.

Speaking of birth, if women want to control the annoying issue of getting pregnant. There is an obstacle. Birth Control pills cost money. For some women, getting pregnant may be a health issue, therefore a medical necessary. Why deny women the right to have sex? After all, everyone has the right to liberty, life and happiness. Hold the phone – what's this? – Women can't get birth control pills because the Church said so? Even if the Church should't even be within politics? Also considering the woman is not religious, therefore the church should not even press on their faith onto her. Wait there's more? Men can get Viagra from their healthcare providers all paid for? Well, 'ain't that hyprocritical'. I want in on the power train, I want to be a guy.

Congress in all it's good knowledge, held a few congressional meetings on the topic of birth control. If they wish to debate, that's fine. Hopefully they did a fair, even sided debate, where both sides were heard. Oh, I'm sorry, did I hear you excluded women on a topic which is exclusively related to women? Must be nice, riding the hot air balloon, can I be a man too?

(See poster noted at the start) Oh, and uh side note. We had a meeting and we decided to ban Life Jackets. Here are some memos,"They [Life Jackets] encourage risky behavior and the only way to prevent drowning is total abstinence from going into the water" and "in case you find yourself drowning, no life-saving or otherwise procedure or act should be allowed to be administered, you got yourself into this mess, you live with the consequences, you should see drowning as a gift!". Furthermore, "if you were forcibly pushed into the water, don't worry, if it was legitimate pushing your body will find to shut out all the water and survive the drowning".

Well, to wrap it all up, it must be awesome to be a man, considering in many films, you get to be a star with a kick-ass sidekick: the slightly younger version of you! With the dumb and/or helpless girl being the romance option! You have a better chance in life, getting paid more and all. Family duties, leave 'em to the girl eh? You don't get selectively killed before birth, as men are valued more. Indian I am speaking to you. You body is left alone. You don't have to be a virgin in the marriage, not one needs to know right? You get preferred in authority positions. Life's good.

Man. I want to be a man.