"One day, I'm gona have you to myself. I'm gona rip your skin from your flesh in strips, I'm gona laugh at you screaming in pain, I'm gona laugh at your begs for mercy. Then I'll take a break and leave you alone before I start all over again. Doesn't that sound like fun?" I leaned over him and laughed my hysterical maniac laugh in his ear, he whimpered before the police dragged me away by the cuffs that held my hands behind my back.

"You wont ever be safe!" it started as a whisper but turned into a shout. One of the officers tugged on my arms to keep me moving. I was going to prison and I knew it. They think that I turned into this by myself, that I went insane but that's their theory and they can keep it.

I don't care.

For every person that goes 'insane' or 'loses the plot' there's always someone who made them like that. For me it was the teen that I just scared beyond repair, he wont sleep for months.

I suppose I should start at the beginning as I travel in the back of the van towards the prison in Atlanta. So here goes . . .

I was around fourteen, my hair was fluffy, blonde, just past shoulder length and in the wind it blew around like a lions main- uncontrollable. I was in my third year of secondary school and had just started in a new Spanish class, we had just chosen our new subjects, there was a boy that sat only two seat away from me and he seamed intent on wolf whistling at me, or just in general im not sure,anyway all the other boys in the class took up this habit and I finally asked him why he did it, I was more curious than anything else. So he told me this:

"You don't know why I wolf whistle? Have you looked in the mirror lately? You look like a wolf so im going to whistle to my hearts content, happy now?" He sneered at me and walked away like I was nothing to him. Cunt.

I was miffed to say the least, I spent my time with all sorts of animals and maybe picked up a few of their habits but I didn't look like them, maybe a lion with the attitude of a guard dog but no wolfs.

After a few weeks of the insults and whistling I turned and punched the boy that had started it.

Another couple months after that and I found myself running through woods for my life roughly twenty people behind me that I didn't know, then there was a bang and a white flash and I fell to the ground with a screeching pain in my calf, my leg started to burn aswell and I couldn't get up and away. I was dragged along the ground kicking a and screaming but still chucked in the back of a van and driven away. I rolled along the floor of the van with every twist and turn that the road offered.

I was knocked out not long after the ride started and woke up in a camp bed, like the ones used in army war films, there were a few other girls who were all really pretty and had great figures which confused me as to why they would have taken me.

I noticed that these girls were handcuffed to their beds, I wondered what was going on but no-one was awake so I tried to sleep again.

I was woken by loud noises, like someone punching a locker. It was the bloke from my class.

"Right you sluts it's time to do some cleaning or whatever it is you do here. You!," he pointed at and older girl who looked like she had no light behind her eyes, like she was just an empty shell. "You can show the new mutt how things work then bring her to me around evening time, comprende?" She nodded slowly and remained expressionless.

He unlocked everyone and they all stayed away from him, as far away as possible. I remained quiet and did nothing as all the other girls started getting each other dressed. I just looked around blankly. It looked like they were wearing a prostitute outfit from the old Victorian times, corsets and big skirts that are open at the front weren't my idea of fun. But then I realised why I was here. I wandered over to the soulless girl.

"Are we really meant to be prostitutes?"

She just nodded as she fastened the tie on her skirt loosely, I figured she wouldn't be wearing it for very long.

"What is it that we have to do today?"

"You dont understand do you? We are their toys, It's a shit lot easier for you if you dont squirm, don't scream, don't put up a fight. Nothing. Just give in, I used to be like you but your spirit will break and your family will stop looking for you. Deal with it."

"How long have you been here?"

"Eight years. Now we need to get you to the outfitters, I'll take the toll this time but if you rip your dress or anything and you have to go back then you have to fuck the dressmaker after he's done the work. You'll learn quick enough."

"What do I wear until then?" She went into a case under her bed and took out and old brown bar maids dress.

I took the dress and walked away to put it on. Most of the other girls had already left for 'work' but a younger girl was left attempting to do up her corset by herself. She wandered over.

"can you help me? I'm kinda new aswell." She turned and lifted her auburn hair away.

"When did they kidnap you?" I started tightening it from the bottom and worked my way up the back.

"My dad sold me, he got taken out of debt and an extra half a million quid for me. He was desperate."

"It shows." I was almost finished.

"Stop there, they don't bid for you if you don't have big tits."

"I'll keep that in mind. What's your name?"

"Kaitlyn, you?"


Kaitlyn and I became friends easily, the dressmaker said I didn't have the figure to be a prostitute so I became a barmaid and was shoving me junk into a tight black leather corset and a black netting skirt which looked like it had been ripped and torn, It was devilish and I loved it. It even came with a necklace.

Day after day we were all flaunted out infront of the paying customers and as soon as the clock hit 5:30 the bidding started. All they girls were lined up on the staircase, and across the bar. Turns out there were more houses like the one I slept in.

During the day we flaunted our bodies to people that were looking for fun or a drink, at first it was fun to see so many men of all ages lusting after us, but then it became a bore and I started to know every pick up line in and out of the book.

Evening was horrible, quite often the nice looking guys bought the more sensitive girls, or the ones that had their fancy but more often than not it was old geezers that were in the bar, so it was old geezers that we had to do every night before we retired for the night.

It went like this for weeks, eventually though, so many weeks turn into months, and so many months complete a year, one year turned into two, two turned into three then I lost count.

One thing I do know though is that I always had an undying lust of revenge towards the bastard who put me here. I watched as kaitlyn's spirit was slowly cracking, then breaking, crushed and then died. But she still put on a damned good show for anyone who came to the bar. Her costume was soon changed into a pole dancers and she was put in the middle of the room.

Instead of my spirit breaking I started having hallucinations of how I would kill or maim that stranger from my Spanish class. They kept getting more and more tempting, until one day I was called into his office above the bar, I didn't know it was their. He told me that I was to have a break, relax somewhere for a week or two. And he sent me to a spa, I didn't like it their at all because I was used to being a flirt on purpose and it had become second nature, so I got kicked out.

I went back to the same routine as I had before, except this time on a Friday, Saturday and Wednesday I was forced to screw the prick that ruined my life. I had no idea why he chose me but he did. No other girl in the bar had to do the same as me.

But none the less I did it. I had no choice.

One day they brought in a knife thrower, she was their new attraction and I admired her. When I went to talk to her one day she told me I had the eyes of a wild animal that was ready to kill, I said I missed hanging out with my many animal friends and she agreed with me. This had never happened before. I went back to work confused.

Another few years later I was sent on another spa trip, I just let the employees do their job. Until I realised that I could escape. One night I got out of my bed, put on the 'normal' cloths I had been given and just walked out of the resort. Simple as that. I did nothing but keep walking. As I walked I though about the people I had met, the people whose lives had been ruined, like mine, because of one sexist bastard. It wasn't fair, it wasn't right. I walked along a road absent mindedly until I walked into woodland I don't know where I stopped but I woke up in a cave with a fox. I stayed calm but she was startled when I yawned, seconds later she yawned aswell. I giggled and she backed away. I thought about how innocent and pure she was, she had been untouched by evil and was clearly pregnant. If I had my lace skirt here,, I would give it to her for a bedding.

"Wait." I got up and walked outside, I picked moss from trees and rocks and brought it back to her, I laid it out infront of her and carefully she transferred it from the pile in the middle of her house to a corner at the back of her house. That very trusting vixen taught me how to raise cubs and together we raised them. Eventually I had to leave her with her pups since there wasn't enough room for us all.

I spent half a year with that family and then spent winter walking through the woods and after reading signpost to find out where I was heading I realised that I was going to go home and kill the bastard. My mind only focused on getting back to my home town. At first I started talking to myself to get my voice strong again. Eventually I started hitching rides with truckers and as a payment I gave them rides in the back of their cabs. My old life came in helpful for presumable the only time in my life.

I got home after just a few weeks of hitch-hiking and went straight to my old home. My parents were still living there so I opened the door and walked in. Dad treated me like a stranger but my mum was ecstatic that I was home and now safe.

I asked dad if he could arrange a meeting with the Spanish class terror. He accepted and came round to the house. He was astonished to see me sitting with my parents, he didn't know about the blade in my jeans. I got up and hugged him like old friends before I stabbed him in the back. My mum shrieked and my dad feinted. I ran from the room, from the house and went to the nearest park, it was now a row of houses, so I ran through them and then went to one of my friends houses. They had moved off to college, everyone I tried was at college, work, or university. I had only been away for about six maybe seven years. . . oh.

I went almost home but seen the ambulance and police and decided to hang back or a while, so I went to my old den, or hideout. I stayed there for a few weeks and my mum came back and foreword with food and clean cloths.

After those few weeks the jerk was out of hospital and I could walk the streets again. So I tried again. This time we met up at our old school, I kept following him around and he got creaped out, he got scared. I watched as he tried seducing another pretty girl, then another and another after a while a few of his friends always came and tricked the girls into getting into their car/ van. I think the used the date rape drug or something like it.

Eventually I passed a van with muffled screaming coming from it, I opened the door and let them out quietly. They ran back to the main event together. I spotted the guy from my imprisonment and took out the knife from my boot. And stalked into the shadows. I watched and waited, he turned his back to me and I dove at him my knife went straight through his collar bone and shoulder blade at an angle. Someone called the police, I got caught. And now im heading to jail. I dont think I'm going to be returning to humanity,or sanity since I wont ever show remorse for what I have done.