Coraline stared up at the fan as it spun around and around, sending a cool breeze to waft on her face. Although it was summer, her window and door were shut tight. She was lying on her bed on her back, arms crossed over her stomach, and the rotating fan was the only respite from the heat. Coraline was waiting.

Waiting for the horror known as a family vacation to begin.

Her bag was packed and everything was ready, she was just waiting. The only thing she looked forward too, was the fact it was in Florida. Coraline would practically be living on the beach. That was one of the reasons her window was closed; she didn't want the smells of an inland forest interrupting her daydreams about the beach.

The other reason the window was closed was so Coraline wouldn't hear her father and brother arrive. They were the whole reason the family vacation was taking place. She dreaded the whole thing. After all, her brother was completely different.

Coraline was still staring at the cooling fan when she dimly heard the doorbell down below her ring. She didn't move, letting her mother answer it instead. There was the thumping of luggage being hauled in and storming footsteps.

Coraline sighed, knowing it was only a matter of minutes before the yelling started like usual. Her parents always yelled when they met. Coraline also knew that her brother would soon make an appearance in her room.

As if on cue, an endless stream of angry words erupted. The door may have not been there for all the muffling it did. To Corel's dismay, within a moment she could hear the tramping of footsteps on stairs.

Bitterly Coraline thought, And three . . . Two . . . One.

"Guess who's here to give you an exciting summer!" a boy exclaimed in his loud, obnoxious way; at the same time, in his usual manner, flinging the door so hard it banged around and knocked things down.

Coraline flipped over on to her side and glared irritably, "No greeting? Wow, that's a nice way to greet your sister after a year," she grumbled, brushing curly black hair out of her face. "You could at least say hi."

Her brother shrugged and Coraline plopped her chin in her hands, not really caring enough to continue chiding him.

The divorce between their parents had happened years ago. Coraline had been six at the time, living with her brother and father, while her brother, Jet, had been three. They had practically grown up separate. Now Coraline was fifteen and Jet was twelve. They were more strangers than siblings. The only time they saw each other was the yearly family vacation. And Jet used that to his advantage.

Jet started prattling on about everything he had been up to in the past year; well all the things he couldn't tell anyone else without getting grounded that is. Coraline didn't bother paying attention to him. What did she really care about how her younger brother had been doing?

Coraline knew they'd spend two weeks at a beach, maybe get acquainted with each other, and then not see each other until next summer. She had learnt long ago to just stop trying. She also knew that if she tried to understand her brother it could result in serious damage to her way of logic.