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Ch.1 Sophia and Lucas, Lucas and Sophia

"Ok everyone, we have five minutes until winter break please pack up your things and once the bell rings you are dismissed!" my history teacher yelled across the room.

Soon we heard the loud ringing of the school bell.

I hurried out of the classroom among a large crowd of students dressed in Privileged Prep Abercrombie. As I walked down the hallway I was bumped and pushed by other kids most on accident some on purpose. Ah you got to love Riverdale High, the private school full of rich, snobby brats. Except for me and Lucas. I pushed open the heavy door and cold wind blew at me. Even though a light snow fell none settled on the concrete under our feet before it was swept away by the janitors.

"Sophia," I heard my best friend Lucas call from behind me "Wait up!"

I stopped and turned. Lucas jogged towards me. Suddenly a boy I knew as Carson ran by him, snatching his stocking cap off his head revealing his brown hair. Lucas turned and soon they were laughing and punching each others shoulders playfully. Carson threw Lucas his hat and waved goodbye. Lucas ran to me tugging his hat back onto his head. Once he reached me we continued walking.

"Hey." I said smiling at him.

"Hey." he said back.

As we both approached the bus hot air rised from under it and warmed us for only a moment before the bus driver opened the doors. We climbed the stairs and entered the bus filled with loud screaming kids. We chose a seat in the back. Neither of us had any other friends, other than each other, on this bus. Which was a good thing in my mind. That way neither of us is worried about having to sit with other people. Well actually I won't have to worry about Lucas sitting with other people.

I sat back and looked out the window. That's when I realized how cold it was in the bus. I began to shiver.

"Brrr it is freezing in here." I said wrapping my arms around myself.

"Here," Lucas said taking off his blazer and handing it to me "take this."

I took it and put it on over my sweater.


Most people would see this as flirting, I didn't. Lucas and I have known each other since we were three, when his family moved into the apartment right next to ours. My mom and his mom became very close. I don't have a dad, well I have one, but I've never met him. I know nothing about him. Lucas' dad passed away the year they moved into our apartment building. I remember my mom bringing Lucas' mom pans of food. Me and Lucas would play while my mom and his mom would talk. We were really to young to understand what had happened, but when Lucas was seven his mom finally decided it was time to tell him. I was there for him. I remember sitting on the little blue stool that sat next to his bed and handing him tissue after tissue as he sobbed. That was nine years ago.

"So are you and your mom going anywhere for winter vacation?" Lucas asked breaking my memory.

"Yea, she wants to go all the way to Alaska, she's kind of obsessed with it."

"Well are you exited?"

"No not really...I'd rather stay home."

"Your welcome to stay with me and my mom"

I chuckled, "Thanks Lucas, but my mom already bought our tickets."

He shrugged.

"Alaska will be fun though maybe you'll see a moose." he said, pointing to the abercrombie moose logo on his blazer.

I smiled "Maybe."

I sat back and rested my head on Lucas' shoulder and like most days fell asleep.

I woke to Lucas patting my shoulder.

"We're here." he said.

I stood, grabed my messenger bag from the ground, and followed Lucas out of the bus. It was colder outside than in the bus. I watches Lucas walk next to me in his sweater, scarf, jeans, and hat it wasn't enough to keep anyone warm in New York during winter. I pulled off his blazer and handed it to him.

"No, you keep it, it's cold out."


"No, keep it."

I pulled the blazer back on.


We walked down the street in silence. Lucas was the only boy who was ever nice to me, all others were jerks especially boys at my school.

When we reached our apartment building Charles the doorman waved to us.

"Hello Lucas, hello Sophia." he said with a smile opening the heavy metal door.

"Hi Charles." we said together.

As soon as the door closed we raced to the elevator. I felt my gloved hand slide over the small plastic button right before Lucas'. He grabbed my hand from the button, holding it in his for a moment.

"No not fair!" he said as we laughed.

That was our everyday routine. Ride bus while sleeping on Lucas' shoulder, walk home, say hi to Charles, wait until he closes the door (he hates when we run inside), race to the elevator.

The doors slid open and we walked in. Lucas hit the floor two button and we were only in the elevator for a moment before the doors opened and we walked down the carpet hallway. The intricately carpeted hallway. I remember sitting in the hallway with Lucas when we were younger and trying to figure out the pattern. We never did and we probably never will.

"Hey, where are you going?" I heard Lucas yell from behind me.

He was at his door and I had walked straight past to deep in thought to notice.

He laughed "It's not the first time you've done that." he said with a smile.

I smiled back and turned around. Lucas pulled his key from his back pocket and unlocked his door.

"Want to come in?"

Both our moms worked until 5:00 P.M. but didn't get home until 5:30.

I pulled up my sleeve to check the old silver watch from my great great grandmother.


"Sure, why not?" I said and followed him in.

His apartment was exactly the same as ours. It had the small living room, separated from the kitchen by a thin wall with a wood sliding door, the tiny porch that couldn't even fit a small table on it, the hallway that had four doors that led to two bedrooms, a closet, and a bathroom.

Lucas walked into the kitchen and I followed.

"You want something to eat?" Lucas asked.

"Yes, I'm starving!"

Lucas reached up and grabbed a bag of chips from the cuppord. He walked past me and motioned for me two follow, I did. We went to the living room and sat on the couch. I picked up the remote and turned the TV on while Lucas opened the bag of chips. The TV lit up to our favorite gameshow, Celebrity 20 Questions. It pretty much explains itself. They bring five celebrities on stage and they play twenty questions with someone from the audience. We find it humorous since the celebrities are dumb as can be. We sat and ate potato chips for an hour.

"Want to work on homework now?" Lucas asked.

"Yea, good idea then I won't have to do it while I'm in Alaska."

I got up and grabbed both our messenger bags from by the door and carried them to the couch. I handed Lucas his.


"No problem." I said sitting down and pulling out my algebra.

By the time we fiinished it was nearly 5:30.

"I'm glad that's over with." I said laying back and throwing my algebra book to the side.

"That was the hardest algebra homework ever." Lucas said copying my actions.

We heard the twist of lock before Lucas' mom, Maria busted in.

"Hello Sophia, Lucas."

That sounded so natural, so normal Sophia and Lucas, Lucas and Sophia.

"Hey mom."

"Hi Maria."

"Sophia your mom wanted me to tell you you need to come home, she said something about packing for Alaska."

I groaned.

"Haha have fun." Lucas said smiling.

I frowned at him.

"When are you leaving?"

"Tomorrow at eight in the morning." I said stuffing books and papers into my bag.

"Thats kinda early for me to wake up on a weekend, but I guess i'll do it to say goodbye."

"Why, aren't you my hero?" I siad sarcastically.

"Its nothing."

"Bye." I said as I walked out.

"See ya." Lucas said shutting the door behind me.

I set my bag down infront of our door and sat next to it. I stared hard at the carpet, trying to figure out the carpet pattern. Maybe there wasn't one, maybe I'm wasting my time sitting here starring at the hallway carpet. Nah there is one I know it I just have to find it. I looked at the carpet a second more before shaking my head. I stood and walked unto my apartment.

"Jeez took you long enough!" my mom yelled from the kitchen.

I walked in, she was wearing an apron that was way too big for her tiny body.

I took a deep breath from my nose, inhaling the sweet aroma of...spaghetti.

"Really mom? Spaghetti again?"

"Yes really, I thought it was your favorite."

"Yea when I was five."

"Oh, well too bad we're having spaghetti. Now go pack your suitcase you should have done it a long time ago."

"I don't want to go to Alaska mom."

"I don't care, we got to go where you wanted to last year."

I turned and walked to my bedroom. That was true. I went to my closet and pulled out anything long sleeve. I stuffed everything on my suitcase which my mom had placed on my bed. Once the suitcase was filled to the brim I sat on it in an attempt to close it enough to zip it. It didn't work.

"Mom come here please!" I yelled.

"Yes?" she asked walking in.

"Sit on this please."

She opened her mouth to argue, but decided to just roll her eyes. She walked to my bed and jumped up, her but perfectly landing on the suitcase. I tried to zip it, but it wouldn't budge. Before my mom could say a word I stormed out of my bedroom, then out of our apartment. I knocked on Maria and Lucas' apartment door and waited politely.

Lucas opened the door. He wasn't wearing a shirt...

"Lucas why aren't you wearing a shirt?" I asked calmly.

"Because I don't have to."

"Whatever." I said reaching down and grabbing his hand.

He smiled, when I did and we stood there awkwardly for a moment before I dragged him into my apartment.

"What are..."

"Shhhhh!" I said cutting him off.

He laughed as I pulled him into my bedroom. My mom was still there arms crossed leaning against my bookshelf.

"Lucas, please sit your bottom on that suitcase."

"Um, ok." he said jumping onto the suitcase.

I quickly zipped it and he hopped off.

"Anything else?" He asked.

"Nope, thanks for your time though."

"Uh, no problem." he said walking out of my room.

"Really, was that necessary?" My mom said agitated.

"Yes, Yes it was."

She rolled her eyes and left my room...finally.

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