It's Not OK

I cry these tears

Because of you.

Because my actions make you feel righteous in this feud.

I'm sorry I screw things up.

I'm sorry I can't do anything right.

It hurts me to the point where I can't sleep at night.

You yell and you ground me.

Sometimes you hit me

But I try not to let you break me.

Am I really so wrong in the things I do?

Are you really so right, never needing a clue?

Am I really the despicable version of you?

You don't know how hard I try

To not screw up

And not to lie.

I love you, Daddy.

Mommy, I love you, too.

I love my whole family, so know its true.

Over time, I have grown up

And learned something on the way

So now I have something to say.

Though you all love me

You tried to break me and change me

And that is not ok.