12th July 2010

So that's my story. The untold story of a young girl who just wanted everything to stay the way things were. But of course that can never happen and I was unbelievably naive to think that my life could be that way.

But I've learnt to accept it. I live in London with Lewis now and that couldn't be more different to the life I had in Dorset. I'm doing an Open University course in English. Lewis thought I should have chosen something a little more vocational but I wanted to stick to something I knew and it's actually turned out to be a lot more rewarding than I thought. I've also got a job waitressing at a small bar/restaurant. The pay is rubbish but at least it means I can at least attempt to pay my share of the rent.

Rupert and I have not seen Isabelle since the court case. Neither of us wanted to. My brother is still living at Ship Cottage, looking after it for when Dad gets out of prison. I don't think he'll ever make it out of that village, which is fine for him but I couldn't do that. I need to be somewhere more exciting.

And Lewis? He's still a private investigator but I think he's learnt from his experience with my family. I'm not sure what it is he's learnt, but I'm sure it's something valuable.

I stayed living with him after everything had blown over. And two weeks after the verdict was announced he asked me out. Some people thought I was mad to say yes so soon after my father had been sent to prison, but I knew that Dad wouldn't have wanted me to spend my life waiting for him.

He seemed to be dealing with prison better than I had expected. But he was being his normal quiet self when I visited him so he could have been pretending for my sake.

I wasn't allowed to tell my story when my father was on trial and this is the only way I can think of to let the world know the truth. Remember the young girl with wild red hair, dressed in black jeans and a black and navy blue striped men's rugby shirt, sitting on a doorstep reading and smoking. I know I will.