I know this is pretty depressing, but hey, everybody needs something that bothers them. It makes you whole. This is what bothers me, more than anything in the world. When people refuse to listen. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall, not a person. It happens a lot to me, actually. People tell me to do something, or tell me I'm doing it wrong, I explain why I do it that way/why I'm not going to do it, and they don't even listen. They just repeat what they have said over and over, acting like I'm a stupid kid who doesn't speak fluently. I do things for a reason. If you want to know why, ASK! Seriously, though, be prepared for me to answer you. Don't ignore what I have to say, and don't EVER write me off as a stupid kid.

Until you learn to listen, there will be nothing to hear.

I do not speak for deaf ears.

It's as if when I talk,

I am Charlie Brown's poor mother.

All I ask,

is for you

to stop.
Give me 5 minutes,

to set free my soul

to release the words pent up inside

to tell you how I feel.

But when I open my mouth,

You tell me to bite my tongue.

You talk over me,

drown me out,

as if talking louder will make your problems go away.

It won't.

It's like you are deaf,

to all words you don't wish to hear.

If I tell you you're pretty,

ears are wide open,

but when I say, "that was mean"

ears close up.

Become deaf.

Learn to listen, so that you will finally hear.