Hey guys! I have another poem for you :) I hope you like it, please leave comments and maybe some constructive criticism!

The Price

I don't want you to remember.

The hollow promises seeming so full,

The secret oaths we took with innocent conviction.

Or the empty vows signed with pencil.

We told ourselves we were using pens.

I don't want you to remember.

Not as clearly as I.

You don't need to remember.

The thoughts we carved into our skulls,

The words we tried to make immortal,

The water we drank to make it so.

Or our ignorant plans for idyllic futures.

We told ourselves the words would never fade.

You don't need to remember.

Not like I do.

I don't want you to suffer.

Vivid memories continuously repeating, like a record,

Inside of our frenzied and desperate minds.

The lies we told ourselves morphing,

No longer taking respite in the shadow of our own

Transfigured reality.

Just forget, and don't suffer.

Not like I am.

You don't need to suffer.

Lingering sensations on the surfaces of our skin,

Tastes still heavy on our eager tongues.

Desire once threatening to consume us body and mind.

The whispered passions glistening in our ears.

The chills we once savored drifting to the point

At which we can no longer remember

How they, we, felt.

You can forget, you don't need to suffer.

Not like I do.

There are prices to lost memories.

The bad ones—cheap.

The good ones—expensive.

I don't want you to remember.

The symphonies we played for each other,

Basking in the raw beauty of a smile.

Caresses, so soft they can only be recognized

By those who have caressed.

If you remember, as I do,

Your heart will abandon refuge.

You will suffer.

A nap against your shoulder

Your sweet breath encasing my dreams.

Resting your head in my lap,

My fingers twirling your sun-dappled tresses.

The three words tasting like nectar on our mouths.

Beautiful, clear, crazed memories.

Forget them.

Abandon them.

Their perfection will forever distort your only reality.

I don't want to remember.

But I can't forget.

Like rain glides down from the clouds,

So the images will pass behind my glassy eyes.

I need the suffering,

The reminders. I do.

You don't. So just forget.

I don't want you to remember.

I don't want you to suffer.



Don't remember.

Just forget.