Saturday, September 22, 2012

Near The End ( #3 That Haunted House Series)


The time has come

I walk towards

My destiny and

Don't look back

There never was

Anything to hold me

Not here in this dark place

I soon won't be alone

I will be with her

I know she waits for me

As I've waited

I am ready

And have been

I think I've known

This was coming

Since the day

I walked into

That house again

I will never forget

How could I forget

That day is forever

In my memory


I think I loved her

But I don't know

If she knew it or not

I have always wondered

How things could have

Been if she'd lived

That night still

Haunts me to

This very day

That night when

She went into

That haunted Hanson house

On that haunted hill

That night she died

But she never left

My memory

Then of course

I stupidly went back

To that horrid house

Where that poor

Hanson family died

She was there of course

Waiting for me

And I went and met her

She was just as beautiful

Even though she had

Blood all over her dress


Now that I know

I will be joining her

I am finally happy

I am even ready

To die and go

She will be waiting

Of course

As always

She has never stopped

Waiting for me to

Return to her

At the haunted Hanson house


The end is near

I can feel it

I have just enogh time

To finish this

My last account

Of her, my love

The poor, innocent girl

Who died in that

haunted Hanson house

Way up there

On that haunted hill

You may have

Already read

How she died

Or of how I

Saw her again*

But if not

It doesn't really matter

This will soon be over

And after me

No one will remember

I just hope

No one else

Dies in that

Haunted house

I hope I am the last

I am glad this will soon be over

I am ready, I can almost hear her

Yes, she is calling me

I will soon be with her again

Oh, at last

I will be free

Of the pains

And the fears

Of this world

*That is depicted in That Haunted House and it's sequal Going Back (To the Haunted Hanson House).

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