And we're back to me written chapters, yay.

Chapter 8

Shoot! Man it was hard getting that notebook back...

Amy started ranting about how she wanted a chapter until I gave her a candy cane and then she yelled at it because the wrapper was, "So darn hard to open!"

"How are we going to get to tartarus?" I asked. Amy pulled out a GPS.

"Press buttons. Can I have another candy cane?"

"You didn't even eat the first one, you just murdered it..." She stared hard at me.

"Okay fine, here." I sighed.

"Can I show up in the plot?" Andy asked.

"NO! Get back in the box!" Amy snarled. For Andy we decided to put him in a box and mail him to tartarus, he WAS the youngest.

Hey, did I mention Amy turned thirteen? Yeah, I despise her soul for that...

Hold up, Amy wants to write a sentence. She actually said please, unlike some notebook stealing postage I know of...

Amy: Jake talks to his pen.

So? You yell at candy canes.

But I do. I was on the floor in fetal position begging for answers. Amy pressed buttons on her GPS.

"EUREKA!" She cried.

"You found gold?" I asked hopefully.

"No, I found tartarus."

"Don't gloat!"

"I'm not gloating Jake."

"Oh stick a stamp on Andy already!" I huffed.

"My pleasure..."

"Now what?" I asked.

"We go to tartarus."


"Can we travel by pen?"

"I can, no such luck for you."

"Okay." Again, I despise Amy. She pulled a jet pack out of her denim jacket.

Travel is boring, my flight didn't even offer peanuts or a movie!

Yes. I am just filling space.

That was fun...