Sorry if the writing is poor, Jake wrote it. JK Jake, you're an awesome writer! A better drawer but still.

Chapter five

"Uh oh, Mark is coming at Amy. Should I protect her?" I asked Andy a bit worried.

"From what? Nah just call 911."

"Do you think he'll hurt her that bad?"

"It's not Amy I'm worried about..."


"A week of suspension, That's my new high score!"

"Your mind is broken." Andy commented.

"I know." We were hanging at her house because she was grounded and might I say her house is just plain cool? It's so full of stuff it's not funny.

Amy pulled something from her pocket and Andy cringed, image flickering. Luckily for out invisible friend it was only glasses cleaner.

"Do you need some?" She asked, Andy ignored him.

"Why do you have a store mannequin?" He asked.

Amy shrugged.

"My brother uses it for kissing practice for one..."


Most of the stuff in her house was stolen stuff, Amy wasn't the only klepto there.

But she was the worst of them all.

I didn't even realize she'd stolen my belt until my pants were down.

And she has to have a digital camera too!

Stupid Amy...

At least she gave it back, unlike what some people *Glares at andy* would have done.

Yeah the only part Jake knows about is everything above "I know" heh, he'll be surprised.